Who Serves Black Voters’ Economic Interests, Democratic or Republican Presidents?

“Minority outreach is still on the Republican agenda. The Republican National Committee has hired dozens of black and Latino field representatives, and Chairman Reince Priebus has made the rounds at churches and historically black colleges across the country. Conservatives continue to argue that Democrats have been bad for blacks, Latinos, and other minorities. ‘What we’re hearing from black voters and people within our community is that it’s the president’s economic policies that are hurting them the most,’ said the RNC’s Orlando Watson in an interview last year.

“Even if that is spin, there’s no doubt that minorities—and blacks in particular—have struggled in the current economy. At 11.6 percent, the unemployment rate for black Americans is staggeringly high, with little sign of declining, even for college graduates. Low-income blacks are increasingly segregated from the mainstream economy, and their middle-class counterparts are still reeling from the Great Recession and its calamitous effect on black housing wealth.” *

In this clip from The Young Turks, John Iadarola breaks down how African-Americans have done economically under Democratic and Republican administrations, and draws some sharp conclusions about whether black people are being “tricked” into voting Democratically.

For more, read the whole Slate story by Jamelle Boule here: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2014/05/democrats_are_good_for_minorities_minority_voters_are_making_a_rational.html


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  1. I can tell by your body language that you are having a hard time spitting out all these lies and deception.

  2. the turks outright lie, the benefits blacks get under democrats is welfare, blacks prospered more under Regan than ever in history which also includes the numbers of college grads, turks are so full of shit, the democrats have kept the blacks down for the sole purpose of getting their vote, they give them just enough welfare to get by

  3. I live in a city that is 70 percent African American.  I am "white" and haven't seen a change in personal relationships in my lifetime.  I do see a steady incline in taxes under democratic policies.  We have some really corrupt politicians who prey on the heart strings of dumb people in our county.  I'm calling for a wipe on 90 percent of our city council.  I don't care about parties.  I care about logic.

  4. Robert J. Williamson says:

    I think this guy needs to relax his voice more. He sounds like he is trying to project, as if he's making a speech. It's not enjoyable to listen too.

  5. Darrell Johnson says:

    quoting democrat sources does not help your  importiallity

  6. RobertPaul Suchey says:

    People make their own futures. People need to stop blamming america for their problems. If people pay attention in school and get an education black or white or whatever race u are then you will succeed. If your poor then its your fault night my countries. I have a brother thats poor cause he drinks, I have another brother who is very successful because he paid attention. We r white so poor happens to individuals not a race. Get over it – I dont buy this bullshit and never will.

  7. I dont agree with the title of this video at all, it should be which party best serves the economic interests of the poor or rich or middle class etc. How do you summarize the general wealth of a whole race without attaching stereotypes or generalizations, there are a lot of wealthy black man as there are white men as well as mexicans. This whole video just seems somewhat racist to me.

  8. TYT are so full of it! They would get on their knees and suck obama in front of the whole world! Look at all the handouts obama has given and what good has it done for anyone. We are further in debt, more people on food stamps and welfare than ever before! What a joke!!! So I guess TYT are a bunch of commie lil fags that don't believe ppl should work for a living and that everything should be carried on the taxpayers backs!!!

  9. RepublicansAreNazis says:

    RepubliCONS have to realize there one sided policies only help rich billionaires! Not minorities !!! That why all these states with, right to work(for less) laws have the highest homeless, uninsured,education cuts and poor people who's starving! KKKonservativism main goal is to make the rich insanely richer! And the poor there slaves! Plus Prison for profit jails! Exploit labor every way possible! Hope there's a place in hell for everyone who is a RepubliCON or votes RepubliCON !!!

  10. formerevolutionist says:

    If someone goes on welfare, then they are no longer unemployed. That is one reason why unemployment goes down. It doesn't always mean they finally found a job. Some people just stop looking for work.

    Once you get someone dependent on the government, you encourage them to keep voting to keep the benefits coming. That is one reason people vote for Democrats. Republicans have a different mentality. They want people to take care of themselves and their families instead of relying on the government. When Republicans get into office, they try to decrease the number of people who get on welfare. That causes some people to actually start looking for work, thus making them unemployed.

    When people first find a job, it is usually at a lower wage they would get if they were on welfare. Over time, however, they make more because they prove their worthiness at work.

    Would you stay poor and dependent because the move to independence is at first difficult? Most, sadly, will.

  11. HooptieHamburger says:

    Black Americans, white liberals are looking down their noses at you, and they want to continue to feel like they are in a position to do it. They are not your friends. They can't make you their slaves now, but they want to see you as subservient and inferior. They wave government goodies in your face to keep you where they can feel like you are beneath them. They want you to depend on them! See through the bullshit.

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