White Revolution no 32: Part Two – The Fraud of the Political System



* * *

My Brothers and Sisters, I’m very happy that you came to listen today. You showed an open mind. I want people to have open minds, and think about these issues. To think about the truth, to think about reality. The television media has a field day denouncing the truth, they have a field day, running you like sheep into the slaughterhouse. You have to have an independent mind to be able to ascertain what is true. Just listening to Dan Blather and company does not find the truth, that does not give you the tools to make an independent judgement. You must instead be inquisitive, and you must hear all sides. All sides of every issue. I’m sure that as we promote our Cause, and we promote our Cause extensively throughout this state, throughout this country, throughout the world – those who today may say that they hate Matt Hale, or hate the World Church of the Creator, will find that their hatred is unjustified. That we stand for a better world. We stand for a world in which we can resist the lies presented by these political prostitutes – and those who bankroll them… the Jews. The Jews who have financed… *Man in audience: If the Jews bankrolled us, why do we have to give money to Israel? If there’s a Jewish banking conspiracy…”

Ten billion dollars a year to Israel, indeed, 10 billion dollars that feeds and clothes and arms the individuals that are killing the Palestinians in the Middle East right now. We, of course, have said and recognize that the interest of White People, the interest of America are not the same as the interests of the politicians. The politicians want to support, of course, those who bankroll them. Whereas the Arab countries could have been our friends. They could have been, they could have provided your economic aid to the United States. *Jew: You’re a hypocrite* Well, I’m speaking in terms of American interests. If you want to talk about the interests of the country, whether Israel, the Israelis or the Palestinians have more to offer. Certainly economically…

*Jew (racist Jewish Supremacist from the Jewish Defense League): You’re a hypocrite, you’re a liar. Why don’t you stand up for what you claim to believe in?* I thought you were not going to interrupt me? See. *Jew: Well you know something, this dribble that’s coming out of you* I’m glad that he’s talking though, because *Jew: You should be using these flags as toilet paper, because you have so much crap coming out of your mouth right now it’s incredible* … he wants to shut me up! These people, this person likes to come to the meetings and talk and shout and everything else, because they’re desperate to shut us up. *Jew: Nah, if we were desperate to shut you up, you wouldn’t be standing up there right now.* Well, okay. See. *Jew: Go on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Did you forget your script of lies? Come on. You’ve been rehearsing it for over 10 years.* Oh, I don’t, no I… *Jew: Yeah, uuuuuuuhhhh uuuh”. I didn’t actually rehearse this.



    2:30 some jew parasite like to disturb white racial meetings
    2:46 parasites "hates what he stands for" then – why the fuck they been there…? its for white people not for parasites

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