The Republican Party Satanic Pentagrams from 2000

Courtesy of RT

The symbols on the Republican elephant were turned upside down into Pentagrams, in line with all the multiple examples we have of Satanic symbols and hand signs being used by these same fraudsters. Quite simple to understand yet there are still a minority out there who refuse to see what has been and still is unfolding infront of their eyes. Blinded by what the TV tells them to believe, what is ”crazy” and what is not.

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The power behind those in the Republican party is the Roman Catholic church. Those within the administration that participated in a false flag attack on the USA were also representing Satan and their Masonic duties. THIS IS MORE UNDENIABLE PROOF, so if you are one of these clowns that goes around pretending there’s no corruption and dismiss everything as ‘conspiracy theory’ and anyone who thinks differently to you is crazy lol.. you need to slap yourselves across the face nice n hard now for being blissfully ignorant cunts all your lives. For those that think i’m some kinda anti-Republican and pro some other group then listen to this..FUCK the voting system, it’s been proven numerous times on both sides of the Atlantic that this shit is fixed like for example Jeb Bush the brother of George Jr and the voting machines they manufactured, many people saying they voted for someone else and their vote went to Bush. do some research.. They have control of all the main politicians so you are voting for the same shit anyway. There needs to be a completely public figure who doesn’t belong to anyone but the people, that’s the only way
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  2. libertyeconomics says:

    I don't think everybody is a Satanist. Obviously, there are some. And here's the thing that we all need to remember and this is what caused a great deal of anxiety for myself when I began to lose God. There's no in between God and Satan. If you aren't following God, then you're following Satan whether you believe it or not and whether you intent to or not. So, in a sense, everybody who isn't following God is a "Satanist".

  3. PronStarKiIIuminati says:

    Thanks for commenting

  4. romney and ryan are satanists so is obama and god help america

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