The Alex Jones Show Hour 1: Congress Controlled by International Mobsters 4/4

alex breaks down hour 1 how Washington D.C. is controlled by the International Bakers and thier Global Mobster friends. Alex also covers the latest on the new immigration law in AZ, and goes on a news blitz.


  1. lostbuffalo says:

    I voted for Ross Perot. proud as hell…
    When a democrat calls me dumb I say…where are your jobs? where is the honor? it ends the argument right there and all they can do is look at their shoes…

    When a partisan republican tells me that voting for Ross Perot only put Clinton in the white house my response is did you vote for Perot?
    When they say no or "I voted for Bush" my statement is "Then YOU sir put Clinton in"
    No Libertarian has ever disrespected me for voting for Perot


  3. Where will we go for info when the internet is taken over? Is the government gonna come after me since this account is linked to my email?

  4. SimplyStupidNews says:

    i remember Ross Pero saying that to, the giant sucking sound

  5. Alex M.I.A's new video is a must see….You will love it. It's about the rounding-up of ethnic minorities, the trampling of personal liberties, the bullying of the powerless by those with authority. And it does so in an unflinchingly, unapologetically real way.-MTV Blog

  6. Who would buy a car from an uneducated Mexican? The car would fall apart as soon as you crank it up.

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