People who vote Liberal

People who vote Liberal

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  1. furonet138 says:

    I love how you subtly slip in video game music like Mario 64 at 2:26

  2. piehamcake1 says:

    Im Amercan and understand absolutely nothing

  3. sylverfysh says:

    Before my brother became a born again inner-west vegan, he used to LOVE a steaming plate of butter chicken.

  4. Joshua Gollan says:

    wait was the rayman music at 4:15

  5. Wonder how many people missed the Dale Carnegie reference…

  6. Lucie Cutting says:

    That's not a bad rissole there…

  7. Penguin Design says:

    Its so sad, that this is exactly my family.

  8. damnedcarrot says:

    3:05 this is everyone in Australia. I've withdrawn from society mostly because it seems 99.999% of people are those guys.

  9. 4:19… fucking lol :')

  10. Alexander J says:

    House of Butter Chicken.

  11. mike mikeson says:

    I feel like OP had a bad experience with liberals once.
    Though hes also got a video about the carbon tax being good, so maybe hes just crazy.

  12. AwesomeNoobPwns says:

    Why do you h8 the liberal party so much m8?

  13. Lady Gaga's 'Eh eh, nothing else i can say' playing at 4:00 that was surprising

  14. bigpapadrew says:

    this whole video (as great as it is) can be condensed into the last line: " aspirational class liberal voters: I'm sure anyone on the front bench of the party you support is embarrassed by you." DROP MIC. WALK OFF STAGE. biggest group of delusionals in the voting public.

  15. Ryan Crabtree says:

    Oh wow! Castle Hill! Where I used to live! For anyone living near castle hill or in it, has much changed in the past 4-5 years?

  16. xWoodcockx says:

    I'm honestly in tears. Best vid I've ever seen

  17. xWoodcockx says:

    I never wanted this to end.

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