Obama Corruption Investigation By GOP?

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  1. karmabites1 says:

    Hey Chunk, you sucked so bad you lasted on MSLSD, what a fortnight? If you can't cut it on CommieObammie Vision, you REALLY GOTTA SUCK. Communist tool….

  2. thetruthisallineed says:

    You are a fucking moron! How about Benghazi. He let 4 people die! How about pulling the troops out! Liar! How about not raising taxes! Guess what I am paying more this year! How about our civil rights you fucking idiot!! You truly are a fucking idiot. You make me sick

  3. mike browne says:

    I am the winner cause when countries blows up & he taxes all the rich out of America. Just wait for the 911 attack. It's coming very soon. Maybe you will one of 10's of1000s that die this time. I consider ONERObots winners to be just like the Nazi Germans were in WW2 when Hitler won & Stalin & Kruschev in USSR. So don't get your carg before the horse. We have a LONG 4 YEARS to go. Alot of terrorists attack can happen. Just hope America is still here in 4 yrs ? We may be a 3rd world country

  4. krumble104 says:

    So, how was last week for you ….Loser!

  5. Douglas Johnson says:

    Every time some jerk wants to defend Obama they bring up Bush. Pansy ass's need to put on their big boy pants and quit blaming bush of all their BS!

  6. BubbleSmoker1 says:

    mabus has already come

  7. Overwelmdn underated says:

    It will be used as a political tool to advance corporate agendas

  8. aaronchoate82 says:

    You guys should be the ones on fox news reporting these things to the entire country. Oh wait…nevermind you guys have moral and ethics.

  9. jonathon reardon says:

    Can any of you liberal assholes say"Solyndra"? SCenk drinks monkey ass-milk.

  10. @Acepatriot1 Yes he should along with most of Washington. The whole political system is corrupt and many crimes have been committed by it.

  11. tuffe52060 says:

    Solyndra , Fast and furious , Light square ! He brought chicago with him. This is criminal.

  12. Both parties are the SAME fool. It's a MAFIA ! There all THUGS ! Politician = LIAR, THIEF and MURDERERS… Their time is almost over, I predict within 18 months … YEA !

  13. y0xHitxThatxChanxGuy says:

    @9b8 True.

  14. It is not the system that is corrupt. It is the people. It is not the people that are corrupt. It is the person. Welcome to the chain of responsibility. Unfortunately, this lack of care for responsibility (let alone accountability) is a trend among many these days. You see it from top to bottom. It is disgusting. And yet we bitch, moan and complain without self awareness or improvement. Piss on a tire yet complain that another has done the same. Seems logical.

  15. Chaoitcme says:

    Bush was the most corrupt president of all time. Bush should be put on trial for war crimes and executed for the hundreds of thousands of innocent people he murdered fighting and illegal war.

  16. kenneth best says:

    Don't get MAD, get EVEN.!!!!!!
    VOTE RON PAUL 2012

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