Maajid Nawaz and Dave Rubin Discuss the Regressive Left & Political Correctness [Full Interview]

Maajid Nawaz (author and activist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his new book with Sam Harris, ‘Islam and the Future of Tolerance,’ the ‘regressive left,’ political correctness, the Syrian refugee crisis and much more. ***Subscribe:

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Maajid Nawaz
Co-author with Sam Harris, ‘Islam and the Future of Tolerance’
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  1. hardedgecustom says:

    What are the odds you can organize a debate between Glenn Greenwald and Sam Harris in an unbiased, objective, and neutral debate? Give each side the capacity to air and exchange grievances, and settle this war of ideas via third parties once and for all?

  2. Great interview …. thanks.

  3. One of the best interviews I ever had the pleasure to listen to.
    Thanks for the exceptional level of journalism you've been providing us with D. Rubin.

  4. Darth Vadnaner says:

    Israhell forever, shalom and Amen to David for defending Yahwey against the nasty Gentiles. Shalom forever.

  5. West Is Best says:

    Oh…how times have changed, Maajid. One of the people who murdered others in Paris was a Syrian refugee. Is it inconceivable that ISIS may have sent people to pose as refugees to carry out these attacks in the west?

  6. You have had so many great guests, but I believe Maajid is the one who will affect the most positive change in the world. I hope his voice (and yours, Dave) continues to grow.

  7. 2453, you are inspiring, and very humble.

  8. Connor Roberts says:

    I wish you'd stop calling the UK 'England.' Other than that you've got yourself a new fan here!

  9. A very very interesting interview. I am willing to have a dialogue. However I am not willing to have one with someone who wants to put me in a burqa, enslave my daughters, and kill us. I think this man is really thoughtful and had some very good points. As he talks about journalists calling him a porch monkey, it occurs to me that said journalists will be the very ones who will be killed under extremist ideology.

  10. Mark Graham says:


  11. MyAndroid88 says:

    Porch monkey? It's not enough that they use identity politics to shut down debate, now they need to create new insults? What does that even mean and how would they come to that conclusion?

  12. WindmillStalker says:

    Great guest, important topic, good questions, excellent interviewer.

    This was superb.

  13. Diane Austin says:

    I do find myself hoping nawaz eventually comes to the atheist side, along with us humanists….

  14. Diane Austin says:

    second favorite british guy…..I love him and douglas murray, both.

  15. MrVpassenheim says:

    You should have Carson on your show. There were a number of assertions/inferences about him that were completely wrong.

  16. Andy “wiseone2473” Dicky says:

    I think they are all black racists, and they're real target is the white race.

  17. Andy “wiseone2473” Dicky says:

    By using fear to spread Islam they are employing good cop bad cop to sucker people in.

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