Lagarde under investigation in fraud case

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has been placed under formal investigation by French magistrates for her alleged role in a long-running political fraud case. Ciara Lee reports.

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German politicians in transnational organized crime, drugs, fraud, killing witnesses,NRW,2017,CDU,SPD,Angela,Merkel,Armin,Laschet,Elmar,Brok,Hannelore,Kraft//Landtagswahl,NRW,2017,CDU,SPD,Angela,Merkel,Armin,Laschet,Elmar,Brok,Hannelore,Kraft.html
German politicians in transnational organized crime, drugs, fraud, killing witnesses
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  1. SWEdemolition says:

    Looks like her number's up.

  2. What a Shocker, NOT!!

  3. この勢いで悪党をガンガン捕まえてクレ! イケイケ フランス!

  4. phatbottom Six says:

    chickens coming home to roost!

  5. bitch

  6. Lol

  7. LMFAO what a sham. They are all corrupt, not just her.

  8. Daniel Fragnito says:

    it is my understanding that the imf is established to assist all countries to achieve some type of  financial consulting.   i doubt the french have the power of the new e.u.
    i believe there are enough countries that are suffering some type of  financial meltdown…. due to the changes that have occurred in frontiers.
    ms. lagarde is a very competent individual, do not blame your french political problems on her, her offices are in belgium, i am abhorred what is occurring worldwide. with nato militarism spreading and the proposed break up of the new e.u.
    i believe france is over run , as well as the entire e.u. population,  did not anyone bring money when they decided to vacation in the south of  france.?
    ylour banking problems are not of anyone else s fault but your own    personally, i did not like the way i was treated in anyplace in your new e.u. …it your peoples problems, re population efforts  are the most difficult in any land, much less the size of the new e.u.. i wish her the best in any future endeavor , as well as mr. sarkozy   and dr. david of the sorbonne., your parliament should just stay dissolved, until the e. u. parliament can pay what they owe . best of luck with your new socialists parliament.  and answers to the world of oourts.

  9. Das ist schon echt abscheulich was hier berichtet wird. Ich bin selber Kölner 85er Jahrgang, ich wusste dass die Stadt und auch unser ganzes Land korrupt ist, aber diese Ausmaße waren mir nicht so bewusst. Allerdings möchte ich hinzufügen, dass Deutschland auch nicht allein ist in seiner Korruption, andere Westliche Länder stehen dem ganzen in nichts nach… Geld und Psychophaten regieren die Welt. Und das muss einfach aufhören.

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