University of Gujrat is really an innovative cum creative university and its modus operandi is creation of new knowledge. Faiz is no less popular in India. There has been more celebration both in number and quality in India. He was a revolutionary poet and kept the interests of the working classes close to his heart. He was against oppression, cruelty, injustice and religious chauvinism. Literature has always played a key role in bringing about revolution in society. Faiz worked for the cause of oppressed humanity for freedom and liberty of the masses. He is a world leader and his poetry and literature cuts across national boundaries. He is loved in India, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and around the world. His anti-colonial and anti imperialist struggle is a beacon light for revolutionaries around the world. He is an icon of the progressive literary movement. He is a major poet and has annexed new ground, new themes, a new vision and a new imagery for poetry.
These ideas were expressed by Ali Javed Secretary Progressive Writers Association of India from Delhi University in an international Seminar on Centennial Celebrations of Faiz Ahmed Faiz held at UOG, organized jointly by Centre for History International Relations, Political Science and Pakistan Studies and Media & Publications, University of Gujrat. It was presided over by eminent journalist and chairman HRCP Mr. I A Rehman. Earlier on Mr Shabbir Hussain Shah Director CHIPP in his keynote address discussed the issues of revolution, change and emancipation with reference to Faiz’s poetry. Faiz is the artist par excellence of modernity. He is steeped in the ethos of our times and holds key solutions to our problems. Mr. Imran Shahid Bhinder a scholar from Birmingham UK opined that Faiz was dialectical in his thinking. He was of the view Faiz should be discussed only as an artist because he represents the downtrodden and have-nots and not the ruling elite. He extensively referred to Western philosophers and thinkers, in discovering the international status of Faiz. Dr Tash Mirza from Tashkent — Uzbekistan reported with facts and figure about the immense popularity of Faiz is Russia and Central Asia. Faiz was always in the vanguard struggle for the liberation for the oppressed humanity of the world. He reminded the audience of Afro Asian conferences on literature at Moscow where Faiz played a key role. Masroor Javed from New York USA appreciated the growing popularity of Faiz in USA. Columbia University was establishing a chair on Faiz. Fifteen urdu papers, 15Urdu Radio Stations and 30 Urdu TV Channel, coordinated in USA in celebrations of Faiz. Mr. Rahat Saeed Secretary Progressive writers Association from Karachi vociferously extolled the role of Faiz in world revolution against colonialism and imperialism. This legacy should be transferred to the new generation. Mr. I A Rehman Chairman HRCH elaborated the services of Faiz in Palestinian struggle for liberation and his editorship of LOTUS at Beirut. Faiz wrote extensively on decolonizing literature and published many eternal pieces of literature of persons like Nazim Hikmat from Turkey, Ghulam Abbas from India. He believed in socialist realism and successfully portrayed the cause of oppressed humanity. Syed Ali Madih Shah maternal grandson of Faiz representing Faiz’s family thanked the UOG for holding such an international seminar on Faiz. He narrated some poems of Faiz.
Prof Dr. Nizamuddin Vice Chancellor University of Gujrat in his closing address thanked all the scholars and participants of the seminar. He dwelled on the significance of a series of seminars that are regularly held at UOG which contribute towards the creation of new knowledge, which is based on the premise dialogue, research and University wide discussion. He said that Faiz was a world class poet intellectual and revolutionary. He announced that the next seminar will be held on Quaid e Azam. Later on in a different session poetry of Faiz was sung and enjoyed by the audience.

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