Government Corruption In America

Every politician is corrupt. This should be no surprise to you.

I’m gonna offend a lot of you.

You probably don’t know this.. nor’ do you probably care.. but I’m against big government.. for various reasons.

It should be no surprise to you that most of our politicians are corrupt.. if not all of them.

It’s a hard pill to swallow and I know you don’t enjoy hearing this.. but it’s true.

Our leaders have lied to us.

They sit in their comfortable chairs collecting comfortable checks
created by money that was uncomfortably taken from you.

Now I would have no problem with this.. if they actually did their job.

But they don’t, they’re incompetent.

Don’t take my word for it.. ask them. Do you know how to build a bridge? No.

Have you ever created a job? No.

Have you ever pulled somebody out of poverty? No.

So what are you doing there?

It’s not politicians that solve problems. It’s us. It’s you.

The engineers, the teachers, the entrepreneurs, the creatives, the plumbers!

We solve problems. Not some guy that just tells you what you like to hear.

The only thing they can do is make a law. But what’s a law?

A law is just something you put in place when you don’t how to solve the problem.

Example.. we all know cars get a little unsafe when it rains, right?

So a politican says okay let’s make a law that says drive slower when it rains because the road is slippery when wet.

Instead, put abbrasive on the highway so it’s NOT slippery when wet.

But guess what, politicians don’t know this. This is a technical problem.

Outside of their realm.

(Watch the video for full speech.)

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00:26 – Reason Why All Politicians Lie
01:42 – Why Politicians Are Incompetent
02:30 – What Politicians Say Behind Closed Doors
03:47 – The Only Thing A Politician Is Concerned About
05:00 – The Right Mindset
06:49 – Who Can Solve Our Problems?

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has urged the government to repossess money deposited in to private banks accounts by the corrupt individual who has been swindling government through corruption deals to show seriousness in the fight against the vice that has branded the country with bad image in the international arena. Speaking when giving cheques amounting to 30 million shillings to youths and women groups from kiambu biashara fund, Kabogo called on the director of public prosecution, inspector of police and the director on criminal investigation to hasten their feet in the fight against the vice that has taken root in the country by prosecuting and repossessing assets from the culprits.

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  1. Pratik Gadhiya says:

    Nice Work, sir!

  2. That was very deep and true
    Love ur videos mr. Wallace😃😃

  3. Great video😄 keep making videos

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    Love you for your great videos and your hilarious power of oration,Mr Wallace :)

  5. My god. You have the capability to change someone's life.
    Wonderful oratory..loved it!
    Besides that, I am assuming that you didn't meant to create a French Revolution xD..kidding.
    It was great and inspiring to the fullest level.

  6. HoneySiegalSurvivor says:

    Rule of Law ie life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in deed enforced. My unalienable rights restored. One honest judge for me and watch US fluorish once again.Honey R Siegal Stober (NOT deceased as in the FED

  7. great video :)

  8. Michael Heery says:

    making noise,.

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