Government Corruption

Government Corruption

Government Corruption
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Please join us urgently to demand the end of corruption and impunity, as well as justice for people of Gabon:

We will be releasing a twitter storm package in support of the «Forum des Indignés du Gabon» (Forum of indignants of Gabon) and the people of Gabon victims of Bongo family dictatorship. Stay tuned. In the meantime, follow on twitter @OpGabon, @GabonIshere, @Fax1g, @AnonymousFiveO and @GeorgieBC for information.


Gabon, an oil rich country, located in Central Africa, is blessed with natural resources. But how could one comprehend that over 80% of the 1.5 million Gabonese live below the poverty line, where the majority make less than $US 2 per day, while the GDP per capita estimate at more than 17,000 US dollars, which is one of the highest in Africa?

The answer is clear and simple: government corruption and dictatorship!

In fact, one family, the Bongo, has been ruling the country, with an iron fist, for more than 46 years. After a contested fraudulent election, Ali Bongo Ondimba succeeded his father Omar Bongo, who died in 2009, after being in power for 42 years. Ali Bongo came into power with blood on his hands after people were killed for protesting against his electoral coup.

The Bongo family for decades has been taking bribes, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, and presiding over a system rife with corruption, embezzlements and ritual killings. According to Yahoo Finance, Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba, along with his associates, pocketed 25% of Gabon’s GDP in last 3 years. He is said to be worth over $US 1 billion.

Despite these proven allegations, presidents and prime ministers of so-called developed and democratic countries haven’t stopped inviting Ali Bongo: U.S. President Barack Obama; UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron; Australia’s Prime Minister Julie Gillard; Prince Charles and his sons of UK; Sarkozy and François Hollande of France; etc. Ex-US Ambassador to Gabon, Eric Benjaminson, became a strong advocate of Ali Bongo Ondimba, and he even insulted people of Gabon not supporting Ali Bongo. And the US just inaugurated a brand new and oversized embassy; a big bunker in a tiny country like Gabon. Why? Because oil is abundant in Central Africa, including Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Cameroon, Chad, CAR and most importantly, Gabon. Ironically, all of these countries are controlled by dictators.

Gabon is your typical kleptocracy: the country is rich but the people are so poor that families are forced to pick from the garbage in landfills to eat, of course except for the very few, like Ali Bongo and his family, who control all resources along with their friends from abroad.

On top of that, Gabon is a country where children and adults are being killed for their organs, which are eaten by politicians during rituals killings to obtain money, power, political success, youth, longevity and more. Ali Bongo and his wife Sylvia’s mock march on last May 11 won’t change that soon.

This is clearly unacceptable.

Citizens of the world have a responsibility with respect to human dignity, and anyone against tyranny and corruption cannot sit and watch this happening any longer.

Currently some people try to profit from the dictatorship of Ali Bongo and get the grip on Gabon resources. For the «New York Forum Africa», Richard Attias and his rich friends are gathering in Libreville this weekend for a forum that is supposed to bring prosperity to Gabon and Africa. We know the only prosperity that will come up is their own with personal enrichment. This is also a way for Richard Attias to help his dictator friends in Africa to avoid an «African spring», like the ones that brought fundamental change in Tunisia and Egypt.

We can no longer accept Ali Bongo’s dictatorship and abuse on Gabon’s people and its resources. Just like we took actions towards the ritual killings (April 13 & May 11), Anonymous is standing up with the people of Gabon once again, but this time against the corrupt regime of Ali Bongo and family.

This is a special message to Ali Bongo and his entire regime. Anonymous is aware of your wrongdoings, corruption and profligacy. We will raise awareness of your ill-mannered behavior in every parts of the world, and help bring justice to the Gabonese people!

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Everywhere.
We Are the Voice of the Voiceless.
We Are Legion.
Tyrants of the World,
Expect Us!

#OpGabon is Re-Engaged


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  1. vijayaragavan thangaraj says:

    vijayaragavan thangaraj udaiyar
    “Fame is a jealous mistress
    And will brook no rival.”
    ― Thiruvalluvar,holy Kural

  2. CPTWIL Alon says:

    If you want to change things there, you need to organize people from within Gabon and stop expecting others from every corner of the world to help you. Videos like this make all of Africa look bad, that's all it accomplishes.

  3. CPTWIL Alon says:

    If any of this is true its horrible news for you. But don't expect the world to help you. All this does is reinforce negative stereo types of Africa as a whole, which will result in a negative backlash toward the entire sub-Sahara Africa. If you seriously think a world power is going to send troops to liberate you than you are sadly mistaken. People are just going say, "look at those cannibalistic Africans" and laugh. Negative comments will also be referring to you and anyone else from Africa.

    We have forums for all area's world wide.

  5. CPTWIL Alon says:

    You are not going to get support from anyone. All the west is going to say is look as those crazy cannibalistic Africans and then go back to eating their dinner.

  6. bekale severin says:

    le peuple Gabonais remercie toute les personne qui œuvre pour la liberté et la franche démocratie du Gabon, c'est malheureux de voir que les expatriés sont plus préoccupés par notre condition par rapport à ceux qui vivent au quotidien cette repression tiranique

  7. Lunik de SOA says:

    we cannot really act since our corrupted government has got the hidden support of powerful economic countries that have interets not only in Gabon but in other countries especially with a lot of natural resources. I still do believe in change for Gabon even if the case is kinda hopeless

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