Do Big Unions Buy Politicians?

Who poses the biggest threat to America’s economy by striking deals with crooked politicians? Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Unions? Daniel DiSalvo, political science professor at the City College of New York, gives the answer.

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  1. I like the video, but I'd say that big banks are the most influential entities in American politics. It's because of the federal reserve system, the board of the fed is composed of representatives from the major banks and as an institution they hold the most sway in the world, due to their central control of money and the fact that the USD is the world's reserve currency, if the currency crashed the politicians would be hanging from trees because it's the money that keeps people in power and the population semi-sane

  2. Rothan Gangte says:

    Where I am from, Private Cos have no unions, their employees have no right, they have only facilities.
    The Govt. employees have unions, more rights and equal or better facilities. Sadly, the Govt. is becoming the advocate for the Corporations. We actually see this as a bad sign. For a common man, it is hard to decide who is better, the socialist or the capitalist; but, liberty, freedom of choice, simplicity/transparency etc. are dear to all of us. We are left wondering, why do we have to be either black or white? White can't we be Gray or Yellow or Red or Green?

  3. masscashstacks says:

    It's at this point the Liberal will argue that it is not public sectors who pay too much, but that the private sector pays too little. What these dumb dumb's don't realize is that when you give roughly 30% of the population artificially high compensation, it creates purchasing power gaps. Equally skilled workers earning more in the PUB sector have more cash flow which in turn off sets the cost of living for everybody else which in-turn creates income inequality.

  4. Anaitis Fairy says:

    Another union buster. I wonder how much some rich person pays this guy to make propaganda videos. A lot of "homemade" republican type videos are paid for by he billionaires unbeknownst to most. Particular unions have historically had problems (those who seek the power in these organizations are of the same ilk as those that want to run the country corruptly and so the same) Having said that, the country is in far better shape because of unions and it is union busting that has killed the living wage and employee benefits. I am only 37 but I remember when I joined the workforce it was jut assumed you would get vacation, 401K (if professional job), insurance and sick time. The question at the interview was not is there vacation time, but how much. It's not that way now, largely because of lack of unions. People need to also realize that unions benefit ALL OF US (whether you are in one or not)!!! Without unions we would not have: child labor laws, 40 hr work week, business provided insurance, minimum wage, guaranteed breaks (including a lunch break, yes, there was no requirement). Would you reverse those….. republicans want to…… does this make sense? 8 year olds working in mines? Workers making $1 /hr?????? Stop listening to this BS, it is all about power, deception and greed.

  5. The Unions own Bernie Sanders.

  6. Solution? Take money out of politics. Fix our democracy. Also, this guy's agenda sucks. Blaming over paid workers over Corporate and billionaire tax evasion, and government waste on things such as multi-trillion dollar wars for corporate profit.

  7. And yet in the Prager money in politics video you seem to he fine with non unions bribing the living heck out of politics. Pick a side, be pro money out of politics.

  8. VolkColopatrion says:

    not all unions are equal.. some are corrupt.

  9. God of Languages says:

    Dear Sir
    After making a research concerning wages of these public workers in Dallas and Chicago, and even calling to get information from the open positions I´ve discovered that Dallas workers are Lower class (counting dollars to buy food), having extremely low hour/rate, and in Chicago workers are Lower middle class (they can save from 50-90$ month maximum).
    I understand that your university starts with an ideological statement and then they find the numbers and explanations, not allowing reality to interfere to your doctrine.
    In a capitalist version, you allow corporations to deal with individuals, but this is not a fair situation, for that reason Unions exist and is part of the essence of capitalism.
    Please, before you make statements make open mind questions. I´m sure that you can find some situations where you can apply your analysis, but not the one you have chosen.
    Have a great day.

  10. Thomas Graham says:

    absolutely fantastic video.

  11. Polyester Homes says:

    The unions only affect the state level.
    Big Oil bribes pollination's via Campaign donations, effecting the NATIONAL level.

  12. OMG! This guy suuuuuuuucks.

  13. Joe Pasquarello says:

    Ohhhh. He's an assistant professor. Makes sense now.

  14. Nice propaganda, using the per ton price of trash collection to "prove" that unions are the problem yet shows average salaries for the whole country and dallas is higher than chicago and is in fact 2% higher than the national average.

  15. Get money out of politics, and then no one can buy politicians

  16. Where will you find bankrupt cities and states in the USA? Simply look at where public sector unions (and their Democratic allies) are located.

  17. NintytomMS08 says:

    My mom works for a union and they do jackshit for their employees no raises no benefits and yet it's a requirement to work at her job I hope unions get taken down someday.

  18. Jake Ostendorf says:

    The issue at hand in "Big Unions Vs Big Corps." is the end result. Big Unions fight for a better life for a lot of people, and Big Corps. fight for a better life for a few. They both use the same messed up tactics, and strategies, but the end results are as different as night and day.

  19. This is why FDR thought public sector unions were a bad idea.

  20. Jaryd Hunter says:

    I think there is a lot more to the topic than what is said in this video. Unions might be too powerful but they are still fighting for higher wages for regular people. Most of the middle class are people that belong to these unions. It seems like just being against unions isn't the answer. Though I agree that they are perhaps too strong right now a full on retreat and abolition of all unions isn't the answer either.

  21. Gabriel Roger says:

    hell yeah sal, good stuff

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