Bernie Sanders 2016 – Not Me, Us

I’m a Canadian filmmaker and I thought I could help out the only way I could, so I edited together a little “hype video” to inspire all the volunteers and voters below the border.

With the primaries for the US election starting in a week’s time I decided to edit together a little video to help inspire Bernie Sanders campaign volunteers and to propel his message about his campaign not being about HIM but about US. He is the only U.S. presidential candidate that wants a more educated and politically literate voter base, because he knows that’s what it’s going to take to have America undergo some major changes.

Bernie Sanders has been fighting for the middle class, poor people, LGBT community, soldiers, and your every day American for decades. He was even arrested for protesting segregation back in 1964. He voted AGAINST the wars in Iraq (in the 90s and 2002) and has had his entire campaign funded by grassroots movements and NOT the billionaires.

Check ’em out:
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  1. This is our one, last chance folks, we've got to put Bernie in the White House. Not only that, we've got to throw those Republican Devils out of the House for good.

  2. Powerful.

  3. William Writes says:

    This is a great video! But it's missing one thing! "Not me- Us" is an actual quote from an actual speech Sanders gave. If you add it to the end of this video it would be 110% perfect. Here is the link, relevant part starts at 15:12, quote itself a little after 16:00

  4. Eric LaCore says:

    Bernie for Main Street
    Hellery for Wall Street

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