“Politicians are like diapers, they should be changed often and for the same reasons!”
Mark Twain (Author)


We must impose “Voter Sanctioned One Term Limits” on all representatives, senators and the president in every election cycle! Our government is corrupt and completely out of control and this is the only solution that can possibly eliminate the problems or at the very least, greatly reduce them.  Three out of four (75%) Americans support term limits!

  1. Eliminate the career politicians that want to make a life’s work of lying, cheating and stealing from the American taxpayers. Once they realize that they are only going to serve one term, the real politicians will not have much interest in seeking elected office.  We will begin to have men and women seeking office who truly want to serve their country, constituents and the American people rather than the special interests and their own selfish interests!
  2. This will take most of the politics out of the decisions made by the elected representatives and eliminate the political-spin, lies and verbal diarrhea they put out to the establishment controlled media outlets.
  3. Greatly reduce the power and influence of the Democratic and Republican parties and the powerful money brokers that run them, ie: Wall Street.
  4. Eliminate the need for the politicians to pander to special interests, large corporations, PACs, wealthy individual donors or their political party, after being elected because there will be no incentive to do so if they know that they are not going to be re-elected.
  5. The representative, senator or president will be able to focus completely on their job of doing what is in the best interest of their constituents and the American people because there will be no need to concern themselves with fund raising to finance a re-election campaign or other important activities such as vacationing!
  6. The Wall Street money brokers, special interests, multi-national corporations, lobbyists, PACs and the wealthy individual donors will not want to throw their money away trying to purchase influence and votes from politicians that will only be in office for “ONE TERM”.
  7. When the AVR voter coalition is large enough and powerful enough to actually be the swing vote and decide a majority of the congressional district and senatorial races, we will be in a position to demand the reforms to reduce the size of our hugely over-grown government, out of control spending by the Congress and the ridiculous wastefulness of our taxpayer’s money on stupid and arrogant pork-barrel projects!

If we, the commonsense middle-class American independent voters, will wake-up, get off of our lazy asses and actually unite in the AVR voter coalition, we can actually impose the “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE YEAR TERMS”  and this is the ONLY WAY THAT WE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO COMPETE WITH THE RULING CLASS ESTABLISHMENT AND REGAIN A VOICE IN OUR GOVERNMENT.