The plan is to recruit 75,000 grassroots independent voters in each one of the 435 congressional districts in the fifty United States of America.  This should give us a voting majority which will assure the incumbent office holder will be defeated and serve only one term of office.  This will eliminate the number one problem in our corrupt political system today; career politicians!  This one critical element will resolve 90% of the problems within our government. The special interest groups, large corporations, lobbyists, political action committees (PACs), wealthy individual donors and the two major political parties will lose a huge amount of influence and power because they will not want to invest huge sums of money in politicians who will only be in office for one term!  The implementation of the “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS will create the single most effective and efficient disruption of the American political system that has ever been been organized and instituted.  The greatest thing about this simple system is the fact we will not need to compete on a financial basis with the Wall Street fat cats and the corrupt money brokers! We will simply defeat the elite ruling class, money changers, political power brokers and mass media conglomerates with our Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote!  The most powerful tool we have is our individual VOTE and the Freedom to unite in a voter coalition with enough like-minded voters to defeat the establishment’s political power brokers and financiers!

We are a grassroots organization and we are not interested in large contributors or political organizations or parties trying to buy influence in the coalition.  We are asking  every single person who wants to support and be a participant in the voter coalition to contribute $10.00 to $100.00 annually to the American Voter Revolution. We must have your financial support in order to grow the AVR voter coalition.  This will insure that every single person will have a relatively small financial investment in the organization and therefore no one person or group will have more say, influence or authority than anyone else.  Each Congressional District will have an AVR District Representative that will be the coordinator for his or her district and be the liaison between the AVR main office and their district. A portion of the contribution revenue will go to fund the district and the representative for their time and effort plus expenses for building their district’s AVR voter coalition.

For more details on building the voter coalition, please click Building the AVR.

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