DEMO & REP SLIDER (Sign The Petition)

Whereas, I along with the all the other commonsense middle-class independent American voters who support the AVR voter coalition, are sick and tired of the career politicians who win re-election time after time and their major concern is increasing their own personal wealth and political power.   They work for and serve their political party, the lobbyists, special interest groups, big corporations and wealthy individuals that contribute large sums of money for their campaigns!   The politicians in return do special favors, introduce bills and vote for legislation that benefits their largest campaign contributors.  They ignore and forget the average voters that elected them to office and they could not care less about the taxpayers that pay their salaries, vacations and extravagant lifestyle!

Whereas, I and the other supporters of the AVR voter coalition believe, without question, that term limits are the most critical and necessary reform  to insure that Congress and the President will spend their time in office working for the benefit of the average American voters  that elected them to office.  Not only will this allow more people an opportunity to serve in our government, it should eliminate ninety-five percent (95%) of all the other problems in our corrupt system of government!

Whereas, We believe the elected person only focuses on the American people during his or her first term.  According to all the information available to us regarding the first terms of elected representatives, senators and the president, indicates without question,  that they work hardest and accomplish the most during their first term in office!   There are two major reasons for this; first the elected person wants to impress his or her peers and show the voters that they made the right choice and second is the fact that the elected person has not been indoctrinated  and coerced by the establishment powers and money brokers.  The second and subsequent terms in office are all about fund raising, building personal wealth, gaining political power and vacationing.

Whereas, We know that the longer a politician is in office, the better the odds are that he or she will become involved in questionable behavior regarding conflicts of interest in many different areas.  The need for power and the love of money usually takes the politicians to places that are reserved for crooks, gangsters and inmates!  Therefore, we believe it is in the best interest of the office holder and the average American citizen, to limit every elected congressperson and the President to one term.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that I, as do the majority of other middle class American citizens and the AVR voter coalition believe the only possibility of getting term limits imposed on Congressional Representatives, Senators and the President is by voting the incumbent out of office in every single election cycle.  It is  my intention as well as the mission of the AVR voter coalition to impose “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS” on all representatives, senators and the president in every election cycle!

The estimated population of the United States of America is 321,500,000.  There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, 100 Senators and 1 President; this is a total of 536 people elected in the general elections to the executive and legislative branches of our government.  This means we have 1 person for every 599,813 people basically that will have to opportunity to be elected to office.  So, you can see, if everyone serves multiple terms, it just makes the odds much, much worse!  We need a much faster turn over of office holders in the government.  This limits the chance for corruption and also allows younger more talented people an opportunity and the PRIVILEGE to serve in our government!