We, the supporters of the American Voter Revolution, pledge ourselves to reform, restore and revitalize our government for the benefit of our nation and all its people. We hereby commit ourselves to vote for and elect the challenger in every house, senate and presidential race in every election cycle.  It is our objective to eliminate the career politicians who end up corrupted by the special interests, large corporations and their respective political parties.  We want to give more citizens an opportunity to serve in the governing process and we believe this will help eliminate much of the crony capitalism and corruption that is rampant in our current system.  We believe voter sanctioned one term limits will substantially increase our chances of electing government officials with high moral character who adhere to Judeo-Christian principles based on a belief in God, the Bible and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers as expressed in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It is our collective belief that the way to restore our nation is to revitalize and unite common sense middle-class American citizens in a voter coalition in each and every congressional district in all fifty states.  It is our contention that political correctness has to stop and we must return to our constitutional values.  We believe that America without GOD cannot survive!  It is to this end, the American Voter Revolution obligates our coalition’s supporters to focus on the “voter sanctioned one term limits” and the other issues should be rectified shortly thereafter:

  • To clean up Congress and all areas of our corrupted political system
  • To preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty
  • To promote economic growth and independence
  • To promote liberty, freedom and privacy for all people
  • To encourage the traditional values of faith, family and personal responsibility
  • To promote the right of public prayer; individually or collectively at public events
  • To ensure the right of every American to believe in God, spiritual values and
    to pledge allegiance to the American flag including “One Nation Under God”
  • To ensure equality before the law in protecting those rights granted by the
    Creator, whom we choose to call God
  • To promote a much smaller government that understands and supports the
    concept of “a government of the people, by the people and for the people”