World Social Forum Opening March (June 21, 2007)

A report on the governor’s mandate reform announcement. By Ted McCormack, VACo Director of Governmental Affairs. Video Rating: / 5

Jackie Chan: America is Most Corrupt In The World

“In a recent Chinese TV interview, well-known martial artist and actor Jackie Chan slammed America as “the most corrupt country in the world.” Although the remarks may come as a surprise to many Americans, The Washington Post notes that Chan is a passionate political activist, “a staunch defender of the Chinese Communist party” and a […]

The Eden that America’s middle class forgot | FT World

Read the full article here: ► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: The FT’s Shawn Donnan visits a North Carolina town emblematic of the deindustrialisation hitting the US and those being left behind as America’s middle class shrinks. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit Twitter Facebook […]

Rat Trap – Boomtown Rats – End Political Fraud, Corruption And Stop New World Order Policy

Please remember to visit and sign her petition. Still holding strong today, and like its counterpart American Idiod speaks out about the entrapment of our modern world. Though not aimed specifically at Politics the underlying currents cannot be missed. Walk Don’t Walk, Talk Don’t Talk, an early insight of the New World Order perhaps? […]

World Today

World Today

Undisputed King Of Corruption in World

Everyone is aware of Zaradri’s great track record before coming into power and most people were disappointed to see Zardari becoming president. I was hoping that Zardari is a changed person and may surprise everyone but it was only a wishful thinking. I spoke to one of my friends who came from Karachi very recently, […]

Government and New World Order corruption EXPOSED By WOLVOMAN80 PLANET EARTH Documentery by WOLVOMAN80 2013 New world Order ILLUMINATI A MYTH? Barrack Obama, David Cameron, USA, EU, UN, CNN, BBC, FOX, News corp, Murdoch Exposed . Modern day corporation slavery by Apple, ipads, ipods, microsoft xbox 360, Walt Disney, Tesco, Walmart, Bill Gates on vaccines, and population control, Starving children and greedy Billion […]

The most corrupt political party in the world – it was real!!!

The NaMo India – Facebook page posted that entering “The Most Corrupt Political Party in the World” would return the Wikipedia page of the Indian National Congress as its first result. I thought I would verify it myself… धेरैलाई लाग्छ नेतालाई भनसुन नगरी कुनै काम बन्दैन । हुन पनि भ्रष्टचार सम्वन्धी पछिल्लो पटक सार्वजनिक एउटा […]