People who vote Liberal

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#GottaVote Bus Tour Rolls Out the Vote for Obama-Biden

Ninety-Four stops. Six states. One message: If you want to keep our country moving forward, you gotta vote! Tweet this: Facebook it: Tumblr: All over the country, the President’s supporters are fired and ready to go from Sioux City to Hampton Roads and Green Bay to Little Havana. In Burlington, Iowa people […]

The ED Show – Republicans to vote on healthcare repeal for 31st time

July 10, 2012 Republicans in the House are poised to repeal the Affordable Care Act Wednesday. It will be this congress’ 31st vote to either dismantle or outright repeal Affordable Care. Speaker Boehner insists Americans want the GOP to keep trying to repeal health care reform. But the latest polls show he’s just flat out […]

Vote Robert Gerald Lorge for US Senate Wisconsin 2006

Lorge for US Senate Wisconsin 2006 Robert Gerald Lorge, Republican Party Nominee for US Senate in Wisconsin. Robert Lorge is running against incumbent US Senator Herb Kohl, a close political ally with John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Lorge is not part of the corrupt republican party system. He is the Independent Candidate, the People’s choice […]

Democrats Are Stupid When They Don’t Vote, and Republicans Are Stupid When They Do! Tom English

Democrats Are Stupid When They Don’t Vote, And Republicans Are Stupid When The Do Oh, Every politician is a crook by definition, and there’s neither one the better of the two And electronic Voting has the Koch brothers gloating at the thought of all the voters they can screw And We all must work, and […]

Why working-class Americans vote against their own best interests

A two-minute excerpt from a General Motors video is a classic example of how easy it is to con American citizens into voting for the wrong politicians. By totally misrepresenting how working-class living standards improved, conservatives have convinced workers that government is the enemy, and they should rely on corporate good will to treat them […]

No Vote

Why Your Vote Doesn’t Matter-Slideshow. In reality, we don’t need another election, we need another revolution. Why? Because the American voter has been hoodwinked for more than 35 years. Every election cycle we hear tons of promises from both parties, but rarely do they come true. Instead, the parties continue to decimate the middle class […]

President Obama: Going Strong and Headed to Chicago to Early Vote – America Forward! Tour

Watch the President speak live here: http://OFA.BO/viWvx1 Follow the America Forward! Tour on Tumblr: http://OFA.BO/SKxZuK President Obama is on a two-day, non-stop “America Forward!” tour with grassroots events in Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. On Thursday President Obama will continue the tour with grassroots events in Florida, Virginia and Ohio. The “America Forward!” tour will crisscross […]

Minute Memo #185 – Rubio Cast Deciding Fast Track Vote

Good evening, I’m still reporting on politics. With the departure of Scott Walker from the Republican presidential race, and Jeb Bush still declining in the polls, the Republican establishment is placing heavy bets on the two major anti-Trump candidates left – Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio. Just remember that Rubio was the leader of the […]

Swurve Obama Blamed VOTE for Barack, (LETUM FINISH)

Rise up middle class America we are the 99 percent. “Nine hundred and eleven skeletons in presedent Bushes Closet begining with his position and how he coped it leaving our budget overflowing like a faucet theiving officials will point fingers as if pres Obama caused it, STOP IT YOU KNOW YALL ARE ALL ABOUT A […]