The Republican Party Satanic Pentagrams from 2000

Courtesy of RT The symbols on the Republican elephant were turned upside down into Pentagrams, in line with all the multiple examples we have of Satanic symbols and hand signs being used by these same fraudsters. Quite simple to understand yet there are still a minority out there who refuse to see what has been […]

Popular The Rachel Maddow Show & Republican Party videos

At the GOP presidential candidates latest debate at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, a spirited exchange erupted between Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and former Senator Rick Santorum over corruption. (Jan. 7)

Who Serves Black Voters’ Economic Interests, Democratic or Republican Presidents?

“Minority outreach is still on the Republican agenda. The Republican National Committee has hired dozens of black and Latino field representatives, and Chairman Reince Priebus has made the rounds at churches and historically black colleges across the country. Conservatives continue to argue that Democrats have been bad for blacks, Latinos, and other minorities. ‘What we’re […]

Court Case Public Records Some Proof of Republican Corruption Part 5

Final Part! =D I forgot to add credits and a title though…='( This proves the above allegations in the case of Van Zandt County Texas anyway…although arguably it does apply towards the Republican Party as a whole in my personal opinion…. Video Rating: / 5

PDA Peoples Convention – Taking Back Republican Judicial Control: Supreme Court to Corrupt GA Judges

(Charlotte, NC) — Whether it’s a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows large donors to control candidates by flooding the airwaves with ads critical of President Obama or getting favorable right-wing rulings by state and local judges, the Republicans have made it an art form to twist elections in many ways that include voter ID […]

RE: RNC Corruption: Should Libertarians Leave Republican Party?

RNC Corruption: Should Libertarians Leave Republican Party: why I made this channel (if ya wanna know lol): In this exclusive interview, Congressman Bridenstine talks about his stand against RINO Boehner and the critical need to fight Obama’s unconstitutional power grab. Listen to this patriot discuss his modern day fight against the Tories of […]

A Crisis in Europe Grows While Corruption Remains in the Republican Party

In this weekly video news update for June 4 – 10, 2012, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses the rising crisis in Europe and how the corruption in the Republican party is attacking Ron Paul delegates. He also dives into how European leaders want a central bank of Europe while Mexico is headed towards Communist. Ben […]

Polka Dot House. opinion.. North Dakota Republican Party corrupt denounced –

Polka dot painted house – like the colors of the wonder bread wrappers have been applied to a small apartment house in Grand Forks North Dakota. The Associated Press picked up the story after the Grand Forks Herald reported the story. The owner (not reported) had retired from the city – stories stated the city […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Chaotic & Corrupt Lucas County Republican Party Re-Organization Meeting 2014

Complete unedited footage of the June 2014 re-organization meeting which shows obvious party corruption by party chairman Jon Stainbrook and his right hand gal Megan Gallagher. The pair bent rules to their favor and rewrote original bylaws to maintain control from the grassroots. Instances of corrupt activity include… -harsh speech requirements set on elected central […]

Corruption of the Republican Party

In this weekly video news update for May 7-13, 2012, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses Ron Paul and the Republican Party; Canada goes penniless; Al Qaeda still a Russian asset; Jobless students pose a problem; and Recall in Wisconsin and syndicalism.