Arvind Kejriwal’s List Of India’s Most Corrupt Politicians

NEW DELHI: Targeting Rahul Gandhi, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday accused him of being corrupt and said the party will field candidates against him, UPA ministers and leaders of other parties. He also took a jibe at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the Congress vice-president for spending over “Rs 500 crore on […]

Hassan Nisar: Corrupt Politicians and System of Pakistan

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UK politicians want to make prostitution illegal (20Feb14)

Crooked UK politicians want to make prostitution illegal in the UK. Ironic as politicians are some of the biggest users of hookers and rent boys. And this also threatens to turn ordinary people going on a date into being called a prostitute – that is how absurd the politicians arguments are. This is the full […]

Do Big Unions Buy Politicians?

Who poses the biggest threat to America’s economy by striking deals with crooked politicians? Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Unions? Daniel DiSalvo, political science professor at the City College of New York, gives the answer. You can support Prager University by clicking¬†¬†Free videos are great, but to continue producing high-quality content, even small contributions […]

A Message To Crooked Politicians

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America’s Crooked Politicians

Stress and pressure can make you crooked. It starts to affect your nerves. This changes your behavior, and takes a toll on your health. Too many people overlook this serious problem. This video won’t tell you how to vote. Instead, it has information you can use today. You have a choice to make. It will […]

Digvijay Singh’s reply to Arvind Kejriwal’s most corrupt politicians list – NewsX

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday listed out names of ‘India’s most corrupt’, which included Union ministers and leaders from all political parties. Speaking to his Aam Aadmi Party supporters at the national executive meet at the Constitution Club here, Kejriwal said they were in politics not to strengthen the AAP but the country. […]

George Carlin Politicians

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Truth vs Hype: Can electoral reforms clean up corrupt politicians?

The anti-corruption movement has signalled a new target, one which many believe could hold the key to solving corruption: political reforms. Political parties are now finally making the right noises about this long dormant project. But as we shall see, this is an infinitely more difficult task than bringing in the Lokpal Bill because political […]