ACORN voter FRAUD – Obama FRAUD – stealing an election

Obama and the Chicago political machine are trying to STEAL the 2008 election with voter fraud by this corrupt ACORN. Obama PAYS this group BIG MONEY to register FAKE people so he can STEAL the election. Obama SUCKS. ACORN Sucks. Chicago politicians SUCK.

IST News – Brampton Violence & Election Fraud in Panjab

IST World News with Bachittar Ahluwalia & Lovely Singh Lalli – Violence in Brampton, The war in Iran, post-election uproar in Punjab, Honey Singh, and much more. Drugs in Panjab: Water: Iran/Oil: Follow on Twitter: Desi Comedy @desicomedy Lovely Singh Lalli @AK_aka_Amazing Bachittar Ahluwalia – @bachittar_ist Makhan Grewal – @rocketrakkar Santokh Singh Sandhu – @gurshabba […]

mim against election congress party by old city

crime today news congress party plan to ghmc election old city against mim party Congress Welcomes Resolution Demanding International Probe on Sri Lanka War Crimes – Thanthi TV Catch us LIVE @ Follow us on – Facebook @ Follow us on – Twitter @ Video Rating: / 5

OMG! Bono gets political – Election Fraud 2008 (1/4)

Bono gets political about election fraud in Louisiana and New Hampshire in the USA. Hear his hosting in a radio show format where he interviews some lady named Beverly Harris of about her deeds in caching the voter fraud perps RED HANDED. Bono Rocks! Bono asks us all to help this lady or nothing […]

South Africa’s Democratic Alliance Vows to Stop Corruption Ahead of Election

There are just 29 days to go to South Africa’s general elections. Election fever is in full swing, and the gloves are off between the ruling ANC and the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance. The DA is airing an advert in which it accuses President Jacob Zuma, who is also the African National Congress, […]

Labours Immigration Policy — BNP 2010 Election Broadcast (Unoffical)

Global Warming isn’t increasing poverty in Africa, The Labour Party of Britain ARE.. For many years the British establishment have looted Africa and Asia of their workforce for cheap staff. Increasing the poverty gap and making the small nations of Africa unstable in terms of social and economic order. The British National Party doesn’t believe […]