Trump Says ‘I Don’t Have Time For Total Political Correctness’

From: August 06, 2015 – During the first GOP presidential debate on Fox News, Donald Trump was asked about his demeaning comments towards women including calling them “fats pigs” and “slobs.” PigmineNews on Facebook: PigmineNews on Twitter: PigMine2 on YouTube: FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. […]

Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy? // Megan MacKay

Are we erasing the lols by being nice to everyone? Let’s talk about it. Subscribe for new sketches every week! Follow me on Twitter! Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Text to speech services provided by Unknown Man, Stockholm Sweden by the Swedish National Heritage Board on Flickr: (Licensed via Creative […]

Sam Harris on Islam and Political Correctness

It’s time the liberals understand why they need to start standing up and being critical of Islam also. Video Rating: / 5

Political Correctness and the Argument from Intimidation | Thomas E. Woods. Jr.

Recorded at the Mises Circle in Dallas-Fort Worth on 3 October 2015. Includes an introduction by Jeff Deist. Special thanks to Klaas and Anastasia Talsma for making this event possible. Video Rating: / 5 Teal’s Web page: Teal’s Meditations: Teal’s e-shop: Subscribe to Teal’s newsletters here: Political correctness… language, actions, or […]

Live! Trump Bans Muslims, Falwell, Conservative Religion, Political Correctness

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George Carlin on Political Correctness and Liberals

George Carlin on Opie and Anthony (2007)

Stephen Fry Talks about political correctness

Stephen fry talks about political correctness on some radio show. This guy is seriously clever and has some great insights. Video Rating: / 5 Dave Rubin is joined by comedians Felicia Michaels and Jimmy Dore to discuss the need to fight political correctness, and why we need more counter culture comedy right now. ***Subscribe: […]

Maajid Nawaz and Dave Rubin Discuss the Regressive Left & Political Correctness [Full Interview]

Maajid Nawaz (author and activist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his new book with Sam Harris, ‘Islam and the Future of Tolerance,’ the ‘regressive left,’ political correctness, the Syrian refugee crisis and much more. ***Subscribe: Watch more on Ora TV: Subscribe: Comment below or tweet to Dave at ****** Maajid Nawaz […]

Bill Whittle on The Narrative: The origins of Political Correctness

Bill Whittle on The Narrative: The origins of Political Correctness Columbia University was being criticized for not doing enough to raise awareness and educate people about rape and sexual assault on campus. So as a result the university came up with what is referred to as the sexual respect requirement that students have to undergo […]

Once outspoken, comedian Sarah Silverman embraces political correctness

(Language and content warning:) Gavin McInnes of reports: We lost a soldier this week in the war on political correctness. Sgt. Sarah Silverman fought many great battles over the years. She refused to apologize after making a Chink joke. In fact, she upped the ante and accused her accusers of going pee pee in […]