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Fistfight breaks in Venezuela’s congress

In Venezuela, a fistfight broke out in the national assembly over a law that would silence opponents of the new president Nicolas Maduro — unless they recognize his election. Scott Pelley reports. Video Rating: / 5

Congress Gears Up to Fight Obama on Tax Breaks

After Republicans won control of the new Congress that will be seated in January, it quickly became clear that the next two years would be marked by conflict between GOP lawmakers and a Democratic president. But not many people expected a full-scale showdown to start taking shape before Thanksgiving. That, however, appears to be exactly […]

The Beast : Obama breaks bread with Congress before Allah is praised on House Floor (Nov 15, 2014)

Video Response: The Beast : The Muslim Brotherhood worship Allah In DC’s National Cathedral (Nov 15, 2014) News Articles: The Dirty Details on the Muslim Imam who Praised Allah on the House Floor House of Representatives Opens Floor With Prayer to Allah… Muslim Leader Allowed to Openly Pray to “Allah” on the House […]

CIA Breaks the Law and Spies on Congress Video Rating: / 5

Congress breaks the

Congress is breaking the law….again.