We want to provide the resources necessary to give every member and Advocacy Group of the American Voter Revolution the opportunity to recruit as many new members, supporters and Advocacy Groups as possible.  Our number one priority is building the AVR’s grassroots voter coalition to sufficient numbers to have a voting majority in as many congressional districts as possible in all fifty states!  These resources will assist members, supporters and advocacy groups in explaining the goals and objectives of the American Voter Revolution when recruiting new members.  

Under RESOURCES on the menu bar drop down, you will find a page for each of the headings listed below:

The American’s Creed was drafted by William Tyler Page in 1917 and accepted by the United States House of Representatives on April 3, 1918 as the official “American’s Creed”.  As you will see when you read the American’s Creed, it sets out perfectly what a true American patriot feels about our great nation!  Unfortunately, to the detriment of all average American citizens, our country is nothing like it was when the “American’s Creed” was originally written.  The AVR believes it is time for all middle-class American citizens to band together and fight to re-establish these great principles upon which our great country, The United States of America, was founded! Please read The American’s Creed and if you feel the pride well up within you to the point that you think something has to be done, please join with us.

Forum is our online community for people to communicate with other American Voter Revolution members, supporters and other interested parties.  People can express their thoughts and views regarding the issues that the AVR thinks are important in regard to the average middle class American voter.  Remember to like us on Facebook and speak out on Twitter and Google+ to help us get the word out and recruit supporters and advocates to the AVR voter coalition.

AVR In A Nut Shell is simply a short explanation of the basic goal of the AVR.  Our number one reform issue and main objective is to institute “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS” on every representative, senator and the president in every election cycle.  We believe this will eliminate the career politicians and thereby eliminate ninety (90%) of the problems within our current corrupt government.  We want to unite citizens in a voter coalition in all 435 congressional districts in America in hopes that we can find representatives with good moral character who truly care about their constituents.   We want to be represented by someone who feels that it is a privilege to work for the middle class American people instead of trying to make a career in the political world!

Great Quotes are a collection of memorable things said by some of our founding fathers and greatest patriots.  It is critically important for us  to continue looking back in history and remembering some of the great Americans that have given unselfishly of their time and energy so that all Americans would have freedom and liberty including  the right and privilege to vote!  We must never forget the legacy of our founding fathers, the blood shed and the lives lost that paid the price for our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Links are provided to other websites for statistical and educational information regarding our government.  It is important for all Americans to get the facts regarding what is going on in our government and how it affects them before it is filtered through the mainstream news media.  We hope these websites will help to open everyone’s eyes and make them realize that it is critical that we make some drastic changes in the way our congress and entire government operates and spends our hard earned tax dollars.

We must remember it is our duty as American citizens to make sure all of the elected representatives in our government never forget who put them in office and that the American people own the government; the government does not own the people!