It is very important for the American Voter Revolution members and supporters to mount a monthly letter writing campaign to their Congressional Representative and their two Senators in their respective States.  There are links to the letters at the bottom of this page and on the sidebar.  One is for your Representative and one is for your Senators.  The body of the letter is written and all you need to do is fill in your name, address and email along with the name and address of your elected officials that you are sending it to.  Type your name at the end of the letter then print the letter and sign it.  Address an envelope by hand to your Representative and your two Senators and mail the letters.  Hand addressed letters that are mailed in will have a much greater impact than emails, that are easily deleted.  When there are thousands of members in every congressional district in all fifty states mailing letters every month, it will get their attention!  It is critical to be consistent in sending letters on a monthly basis and about the same time each month.  We want to have everyone sending the same letter so that we all stay on message.  Remember, repetition strengthens and confirms!  It is imperative for the AVR supporters to convince the members of Congress to institute Term Limits, a Balanced Budget Amendment and a complete overhaul of our Federal Tax Code.  The Representatives and Senators who refuse to sign the AVR Voter Protection Pledge, supporting the three critical reforms, need to be voted out of office and run out of Washington, D.C.  Get involved and help us get the message across to the self-serving career politicians that the American people are sick and tired of the politics as usual and we are demanding these reforms!  If we have all gotten so lazy and disinterested in what is happening in our government that we will not even participate in the AVR, then we deserve nothing better than what we are getting!  PLEASE, get involved before it is too late! 

Fill Out The Letter to Your Representative

Fill Out The Letter to Your Senator