What will make Congressional reform a reality? You!  All politics are local.  Therefore, it must be the average American citizen who will unite with other like-minded individuals in each congressional district to build a grassroots voting coalition that will no longer accept the Washington D. C. way of doing business. The time for change in our government is now and it is the responsibility of every voting eligible American citizen to stand-up for themselves, their children, grandchildren and all future generations of Americans.  It is time to say; enough is enough and we are through watching our out of control government continue with the intrusion of our freedom and liberties, unbelievable spending and borrowing, socialistic insanity and governmental corruption!   

The national and local momentum for the American Voter Revolution continues to grow, and thanks to grassroots supporters like you, we continue to make gains for the only real plan that can fulfill the promise of true comprehensive government reform. But despite this progress, we still have much work to do to make “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS!” a reality.

Here are some things you can do today to help our nation.

1. Tell five friends about why you support the American Voter Revolution and send them this link www.americanvoterrevolution.comAsk these individuals to join us in championing the only reform plan designed to eliminate the corrupt career politicians!  It is the only voter coalition in our nation that is developed, researched and funded by average American citizens like you.

2. Let your Congressman and two state Senators know where you stand on the issues of one term limits, a balanced budget amendment and reform of the federal tax code to a simple flat tax that is fair and equal to all American taxpaying citizens and businesses.  Join in the monthly email campaign so Congress will know that you are a part of the AVR and that the voter coalition is growing!

3. Network with other current as well as potential American Voter Revolution members and supporters on Facebook, Twitter and the website at www.  You can also join in on the discussions to voice your opinions at the Forum on the AVR website.  Find local members and supporters in your district that can help develop the AVR voter coalition!

4. Sign up as a member and make a contribution to support the American Voter Revolution.  A recurring monthly contribution really helps our team drive home the message to Congress that the American people all over the heartland of our nation are demanding a real change in our Congress!  We are sick and tired of the politics as usual in Washington, DC.  We, the average middle-class American voters are tired of not being represented in our out of control and corrupt government.  The career politicians, two major political parties, special interest, lobbyists, multi-national corporations and the wealthy individuals who make up the ruling class in Washington, DC are destroying our constitutional republic that our Founding Fathers created for the American people!  The AVR voter coalition intends to eliminate the self-serving career politicians by imposing “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS!” on all representatives, senators and the president in every election cycle.  We believe that changes must be made and therefore, the STATUS QUO HAS GOT TO GO!

We want the local members and supporters of the American Voter Revolution to run their own congressional districts.  The voters in each congressional district live and work in the community and they know better than anyone what needs to be done in and around the area in which they live.  We want a local AVR district representative to be chosen in each district that will assist and help in building the American Voter Revolution voter coalition into a strong and unified group of grassroots supporters.  This is a way for everyone to feel that they have a voice in what needs to be done and a real part in the decision making process of the district’s voter coalition.   This truly is the only way that we average middle class American voters can bypass the big money lobbyists, powerful special interest groups, large corporations, wealthy individual donors and the two rich and powerful political party machines.  We will elect a new representative in every election cycle so there is no worry about any career representatives, senators or the president acquiring too much personal wealth or political power.  They will all serve their ONE TERM and then return home as a regular American citizen and live under the same laws they passed during their ONE TERM!

If there is not a Congressional District Representative listed in your district and you would like to be involved in building an American Voter Revolution voter coalition in your home district, please fill out this form and submit it to the AVR for consideration. We appreciate your interest and someone will be in touch with you soon.