Trump Says ‘I Don’t Have Time For Total Political Correctness’


August 06, 2015 – During the first GOP presidential debate on Fox News, Donald Trump was asked about his demeaning comments towards women including calling them “fats pigs” and “slobs.”
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  1. NoWorriesBackup says:

    The "war on women" is the biggest BS propaganda ever…. women get everything they want and more, hence why so many are spoiled brats nowadays. The war on white straight men born in this country…. now that's real and no one talks about it.

    Screw the politically correct BS… it's all brainwashing and a power play to keep people from exercising true Freedom of Speech!

  2. Calogero Fiore says:

    Finally someone with balls to attack political correctness, go Trump GO!!

  3. I hate Trump, but he made an incredibly truthful point here. PC garbage has been stifling society for the last ten years.

  4. Awesome video!

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