Team Arpaio: Crime Committed; People Will Appear Before Congress Or Go To Prison

Team Arpaio: Crime Committed; People Will Appear Before Congress Or Go To Prison – – – MORE: –

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  1. Ran Talbott says:

    Depends on what you mean by "work".
    Will it get them into court? No: they have no legal evidence.
    Will it get them before Congress? No: only a few Congresscritters are dumb enough to get suckered by their nonsense.
    Will it keep the loons salivating, and the remaining donrs donating: mostly.

  2. Ran Talbott says:

    "They posted the raw PDF which can only be made by software, not by scanning."
    So, you're saying that Xerox is guilty of false advertising for claiming that _many_ of their scanner models produce multi-layer "optimized" PDFs? Which they've been doing for several years.
    It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  3. lptinvestor says:

    Gallups you, Zullo & Arpaio are racist punks. You're the racist thugs. That's the reason why the only people going to prison will be YOU.

  4. lptinvestor says:

    Again we'll state the facts for all you racist idiots that don't get it. President Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, his bc proves that beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, he will serve his complete 2nd term through 2016, Congress will continue to ignore you because Congress doesn't entertain lies & liars & there's nothing that you racist idiots can do about it. We take great pleasure in watching your lie die a slow death. Can't you hear the frustration in Gallups voice??

    I LOVE IT!!!

  5. lptinvestor says:

    Your concern for protecting the integrity & dignity of the Office & our Constitution & the laws of the land Mr. Gallups you racist faggot is being upheld by the U.S. Congress that continues to ignore you & Sheriff Arpaio's birth certificate lie. So long as Congress continues to ignore you & President Obama serves his complete 2nd term through 2016 then all of those concerns are taken care of.

    You guys should feel good about that.

  6. lptinvestor says:

    At the end of the day Zullo IS the criminal who will end up going to prison for being a racist cop engaging in a fabricated, madeup scandal that has no connection to reality. He's a racist faggot who should spend the rest of his shitty life in prison.

  7. Who cares about his Birth Certificate lol. MMS doesn't want to touch it but lets all focus on Ted Cruz and his dual citizenship. Man , this Goverment and our MMS are like watching an episode of In living Color

  8. Richard Einstein says:

    They printed the PDF to show Barry Soetoro who said "it looks beautiful, post it on ASAP!" In a hurry, they didn't think to scan the printed copy to create a JPG. They posted the raw PDF which can only be made by software, not by scanning.

    Bush passed playing the Bin Laden Death Card before the 2004 election after being threatened with exposure. Barry Soetoro used the Bin Laden Hoax to distract the sheeple from the forged BC. Barry ordered Seal Team 6 killed to silence them.

  9. benecke1000 says:

    I hope in the end it leads to Obama's impeachment. Remember, mid-term elections are coming up. Even if the senate blocks the impeachment proceedings. If we vote in the right people, the impeachment will go through. So make your votes count if you want to see Obama gone.

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