Taking On Andrew Cuomo (w/ Zephyr Teachout)

New York Gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout explains why she is challenging Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic Party Primary, Cuomo’s betrayals on labor, public education, immigration, his one percent agenda economic agenda, why Cuomo is making inequality worse, Zephr’s commitment to public education, Andrew Cuomo’s corrupt conduct on his own corruption commission, the crisis of corruption in New York state, how corrupt is Andrew Cuomo? The real reform that New York needs, Cuomo’s anti immigrant running mate and what challenging Cuomo means for the progressive movement and the future of the Democratic Party…

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  1. shysterrtube says:

    Cuomo a Reaganite?  that's laugh.

  2. Candyliz2003 says:

    Just point to Kansas and what Governor Sam Brownback has done to that state with his tax-cuts and give-aways.  Get the money – and possibly the wealthy – out of politics.

  3. Great interview great talking points and a almost full out enforcement, Sam the democrat apologist asked all the soft ball questions and never ask… "hey you dirty politician are you going to sell out like a soulless whore like the rest of them?" nope we are not asking real questions today, this is basically an infomercial.

  4. Anticapitalist X says:

    What's up with these strange breed of democrats who are really republicans in democrat clothing, like Cuomo, Bubba Clinton, and Obama.  If I ever see these charlatans in person, I would shove their faces into a public toilet and let them generously swallow and eat all the piss and shit they want.  That's my campaign contribution to them.

  5. castello west says:

    Get fricking cuomo out of there!

  6. xadam2dudex says:

    comcast should not be allowed to merge with Time-Warner

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