Stephen Fry Talks about political correctness

Stephen fry talks about political correctness on some radio show. This guy is seriously clever and has some great insights.
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Dave Rubin is joined by comedians Felicia Michaels and Jimmy Dore to discuss the need to fight political correctness, and why we need more counter culture comedy right now.

This is part of a longer discussion about politics between Dave, Felicia and Jimmy. Watch the full episode on Ora TV and YouTube on 9/25:

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  1. Political correctness is a danger to mental health, oops too pc it should be its driving us all fucking mad.

  2. Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY says:

    I am a Scottish Person. Scottish people are ALL stereotypes! Jocks, Drunks, crap football team, Violent!
    NOW… is the difference between the Scots, who are treated as a joke and every other group who are stereotyped, Jews, Muslims, Yanks, English, Welsh, Christians, Hindus, Irish, Mexicans etc etc. the difference is this SCOTS CAN LAUGH AT THEMSELVES!!!! We think it's great! Have you seen the classic Tartan Cap with the false Red hair sticking out? You get this shit in joke shops, fancy dress stores etc. the Scottish People buy that shit and WEAR IT! They love being stereotyped and play up to it by wearing this stuff! Here is the message of Scotland to all other ethnic groups – LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP!!!!!! Take a joke before you are dead! It's a great laugh!

  3. "Why don't they just tell them to FUCK OFF?!?!" 

  4. flashraziel says:

    He seems to have confused political correctness and Health and Safety.

  5. Stephen Fry Talks about pathetic compliance, not political correctness.

  6. michael davis says:

    Think he's talking about MI5(Spooks) at the beginning. Great British spy drama. Totally beside the point but nevertheless check it out. As for 'politcal correctness', it needs to end. It is far too often used as a means to silence uncomfortable speech. To be honest, that is all it is used for, a means to shame unpopular speech or criticism directed at a minority percieved to be disadvantaged.

  7. Nathan Crofton-Bond says:

    Does he say Colin Firth? I think he means Peter Firth.

  8. chris house says:

    Joking aside I like the guy even if he is a Labour supporter.

  9. chris house says:

    I congratulate Mr Fry on his marriage to Elliot Spencer it's nice to see them tie the knot after 15 years.

  10. This guy is the most politically correct nazi I have ever listened to.  

  11. I could listen to him rant all day. 

  12. Keith David says:

    Steven,  please more rants. Love you man. One of my favourite entertainers.

  13. MrMeneer Mista says:

    Holy shit. Which Pocoyo episode is this from?

  14. 3:57 — Tony Blair? O.o

  15. Darren Banks says:

    This is just so funny.

  16. Jerad Clark says:

    Why is Benny the tongue on this panel? He is a holy prophet of all things politically correct. Speaking of which, as its very name demonstrates political correctness is about power. The power to denounce, degrade and dismiss any sentiment that dares to be expressed without the expressed approval of the totalitarian left. There is their view "correct", and all other views, "incorrect". They are right and you are wrong. So be a good little drone won't you and recognize your heresy, prostrate yourself before your superiours and beg, beg for forgiveness. Best part is there is only one rule to follow. It does not matter if what you say is actually racist. It does not matter if they are the ones who speak hate. No, of course not. All that matters is that you are wrong and they as always, are right. It is all about control and nothing else. Oh, and by the way Benny, the fact that people burst out into laughter everytime you speak does not necessarily mean you are actually a comedian. Just a thought my little totalitarian amphibian friend.

  17. Godless Glen says:

    "When I hear car horns I feak out. I can't pass laws that says that no one can beep their horn". LMAO.

  18. Mosco Monster says:

    So, the women said PC is good. Oooooookay.

  19. Lineage2MediaCom says:

    PC is castrating the US.

  20. Lineage2MediaCom says:

    not makeing jokes about gays is ok? not making jokes about sht is ok?

    lol. go live in Iran that. there gays are thrown off buildings. is the same thing.

  21. charlesvan13 says:

    I can't watch Jimmy Dore without watching the Iguana tongue thing.

  22. these two idiots ARE the problem. Sure Jimmy is constantly pc-ing up every Regressive talking point on TYT. so glad you left that horrible "news show". Dave, please get Cenk on and show him up for the charlatan he is….give him a totally justifiable knife in the back.

  23. Rubin, you are spot on. Great job, subscribed.

  24. Whiners whinning about whiners, that's what PC always brings out. "Oh poor me, i insulted a minority with my joke, my life is so hard because i have to learn new stuff and i don't wanna" poor things

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