SHAME, SHAME!!! Congress Lets 9/11 First Responders Bill Expire

Congress has gone into recess without voting on legislation that would extend healthcare to 9/11 first responders. Ana Kasparian (The Point) and Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?! & TYT Sports) discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“The health care program for 9/11 first responders expired at midnight Wednesday, but supporters expect to make it permanent long before it runs out of money sometime next year.

Congress recessed without reauthorizing the James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act, which covers medical care for those who became sick after working at the World Trade Center following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart has made the program — named for a New York cop who died of a respiratory disease after he worked for almost a full month at Ground Zero — a public cause, personally lobbying lawmakers to act before its Oct. 1 “sunset” date.”


The Young Turks October 1, 2015 Hour 2

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SHAME, SHAME!!! Congress Lets 9/11 First Responders Bill Expire


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Fire Accident in Warangal Congress MP Candidate Siricilla Rajaiah house, were 4 people burnt alive including his daughter-in-law and three grandsons, died after a fire broke. Meanwhile the Congress party gets involved in the process of choosing another candidate in the place of Rajaiah.

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  1. Peter Caulton says:

    They have never had trouble finding money to bail out super rich bankers.

  2. Chasing Garak says:

    All the while veterans with DD-214s and combat time are denied benefits for even less valid reasons than the first responders.

  3. midnightmodder says:

    It's funny how you say it's a waist of time investigating planned parenthood selling baby body parts to try and help your ratings with another serous issue.


  5. Master Xehanort says:

    Can we just forget about 9-11 and move on with our lives please
    When the year 3000 comes I hope we talk about teleportation beams and phasers than old school garbage shit

  6. Trish Stclair says:

    Color me stupid. The funding will be there through this recess. They can revisit the issue before funding runs out,no? What exactly is the problem again?

  7. You guys should consider going a little bit further and explaining how 9/11 was Jewish terrorism. Shame on the United States government for not caring about any of us but there are bigger issues here. The 1st responders aren't the only issue. 9/11 was a magical operation that put us all into shock. It was easy to tell the public that Muslims did it, by simply owning all of the news networks and lying to our faces. I have never seen you guys touch on these issues. Thanks for covering this though!

  8. fire all of congress, vote everyfuckingone OUT

  9. I'm in favor of a single payer national unified health care system, however that has not been implemented. If it were then this would not even be an issue. So being as it is, the first responders were employed by New York not the federal government. So why does the federal government need to pay New York's bill? Without a unified health care system, it's the first responders' employer's responsibility. It is New York's responsibility alone.

  10. Pedro Henrique Machado says:

    Ana, you're a GREAT journalist, and I think I'm in love with you! jk =D …Great job, btw

  11. sisyphus9787 says:

    I'm cradling my head as I shake it side to side.

  12. You lost my credibility not acknowledging it was an inside job. Facts are facts, learn to live with it.

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