Real Time with Bill Maher: Bob Costas on Political Correctness (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Bob Costas on Political Correctness (HBO)

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Sportscaster Bob Costas joins Bill Maher to discuss the intersection of sports and politics.

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“MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness”

An episode of Bill Whittle’s PJTV show ‘Afterburner’ with a discussion of the insidious political narrative of left-wing politics, mainstream media and the education system, from the mid twentieth century to today.
A brief analysis of political correctness, it’s origins and it’s objectives.

PJTV’s YouTube channel:

Bill Whittle’s ‘Walking into Mordor’:

An excellent article on PC: Bill Lind’s ‘Origins of Political Correctness’


  1. Luis Polanco says:

    Bob Costas is a great speaker/voice, but also a moron and hypocrite.

  2. When you want to have a logical argument about gun-control, please don't be a dipshit pull the bazooka,tank, nuclear missle, or grenade launcher card. No shit you shouldn't be allowed weapons of those sort. Those are weapons specifically designed to disable tanks, armored vehicles, jets and helicopters The argument on gun-control aims specifcally towards semi-auto rifles and fully-automatic rifles. I am pro-gun but not pro-missles, grenades, and whatever else you can think of.

  3. Tommy Razerstein says:

    why can't I get an RPG it's my Merican right, god damn liberals, I love jesus

  4. Why does every freakin conversation on Bill Maher becomes about Islam these days?

  5. Jek Tono Porkins says:

    Bob, you're fucking retarded. No, the Founders did not want us to have tanks or nuclear weapons.
    It's not like they didn't have big weapons back then. They had cannons. They had warships that had hundreds of cannons. Civilians weren't meant to have those, either. That's why the Second Amendment protects the right to bear "arms", not "ordnance." Ol' Bob should read up.

  6. I think you are correct Bob, we should have bazookas, Tanks and rifles..What a dumbs you are..Comparing that to Tyranny…Total DUMBASS!!

  7. The Rebel Wolf says:

    Actually, Anti Aircraft Guns are legal if you go through a shit ton of licensing.

    They need to take away the Licensing Requirements for Full auto Weapons.

    Here's a point, if The Second Amendment doesn't apply to Assault Rifles, Why should the 1st Apply to the internet ?

  8. What a dickhead, he had to take a potshot at Islam and Muslims.

  9. Frank Lithiumz says:

    Well said Bob!

  10. Barry Soetoro says:

    someone please shiv both these propagandist idiots. Socialist fucks deserve a firing squad.


  12. Bob is right, you aughta be able to have a tank…and you CAN have a tank. Everyone is just too poor to do it…but legally speaking, ownership and operation of a tank itself isn't illegal.  There are plenty of non-artillery tanks which made their way into private ownership.  Only the functional cannon/mortar systems and active armor are illegal, or at least illegal unless functionally de-Mil'd

  13. Amy Stewart Hale says:
  14. This comment section is a perfect illustration of what Mr. Costas said at the end. So glad you're loyal to your respective tribes. It's been working out so well so far, hasn't it? FFS

  15. richard bowes says:

    There are some private citizens who I know have tanks and bazookas. Organized crime has nukes .Calm down.

  16. Head Honcho says:

    Listen "Bob", you've been a tool your whole life, time to stop it now, you're old and crusty.

  17. bigjonfaulkner says:

    "Semiautomatic assault rifle." (Rubs eyes and sighs)…..So kids, can anyone tell me what is wrong with this phrase?

  18. This 13 minute video is far more eye opening & educational than anything on mainstream media. I guess it's true what Ben Carson says, when you educate a person, you liberate them. Thank you Bill for sharing the truth!

  19. Feral Reason says:

    This is beautiful, if only it had millions of views..

  20. It was strange that they referred to them as Jews and not "germans." I don't believe that its really Capitalists vs Communistic Jews.  Its really just Jews vs.. Jews.

  21. This is pure brilliance the way bill Whittle explains what is happening all around us

  22. Non Interested says:

    SEIU are Obama's brown shirts.

  23. LegendOfZub says:

    Not the left, they're beyond left. I'm left central and they call me a right-wing extremist. Left wing is now central, and central is now right wing. To them, the actual right is as ridiculous as they are to the rest of the world.

    Writing in your pajamas? Those are some damn nice pajamas…

  24. I hope people are listening up on what is really wrong with America. This guy speaks up.

  25. The thing is, it's not what people believe, if you've seen what the users on the internet say.

    as soon as the older generations sit back and retire into their golden years, this plan, whatever it thought it could accomplish, is fucked.

    And it's not because people are stupid.  shit, the reason shit like this Marxist bullshit never comes to pass is simple.

    people, ultimately, are individuals.  They want to be good.   and people on the whole, will eventually recognize that they're hurting people. Good isn't a matter of sides, it's people helping people for no reason, no money, no benefit, THAT is good. It's impossible to change the definition of good, too, because it's ingrained in the essence of human beings. it's practically hard-coded into our genetics. As much as people like to say people are sinful at birth, that's ridiculous.

    It's why plans like this fail. they fall apart at the seams. what we're dealing with probably isn't people aiming towards a harmful goal at this point, it's more likely a bunch of people who were led astray and lost the meaning.

    A bunch of arrogant, narcissistic, self important hacks. They can work together to a point, but all it takes is one mistake, one infringement on ego and BAM, it falls apart, whether through outside influence or inside, it's going down.

    I have no faith in god or gods, though I do hope something good after life exists, but ultimately, I have faith in the goodness of the human race. I've seen it.  What good may come, will come.  It may take longer, depending on the brand of good, but it shall come.

  26. Expecting Brainchild says:

    I was full on "reality has a liberal bias!" liberal until I saw this and some of Bill's other videos. Thanks Bill!

  27. Non Interested says:

    Karl Marx, in his criticism of capitalism, Das Kapital, demonstrated that he didn't understand capitalism – and for good reason: there are too many variables to quantify and predict capitalism.

    Nobody designed capitalism it simply came about on it's own and was self-regulating. Intellectual egos demand that they have to be able to quantify everything and, thereby, control it.

  28. Philip Tripp says:

    A good, short history and background on PC and Obama's widening of 'the racial divide' that had largely been lost and forgotten but now advertised everywhere with the conspicuous and misinforming help of the liberal Mostly Socialist Media.

    As one example, MSNBC's narrative about angry white men with weapons attending Obamastration run Obamacare 'townhalls.' They show a guy with a rifle hanging from his shoulder pointed down, and a holstered sidearm. What MSNBC didn't show was the interview with that black man and his reasons for going there armed. Far from the MSNBC Narrative' of crazy white guys with guns 'intimidating' people who just want 'fair, cheap access to healthcare' because Obama is black.

    Anytime you disagree with Obama it's because he's black. Unless you're black, then you're attacked.

    Remember the black guy handing out Gadsen flags in front of another Obamacare Townhall? Hired SEIU thugs beat him up. The MSM didn't cover it because it didn't fit the narrative and they sure wouldn't want Obama being connected in any way to use union thugs to intimidate people.  That might remind people of the NBPP intimidating voters outside polling places – a Federal felony – during the 2008 election. Eric Holder saw no crime – story buried.

    Well worth watching again as the 2016 electioneering gets started.

  29. Bill Whittle for President!

  30. Look at any major Frankfurt School member, and tell me they don't look like some anti-Semitic caricature out of a Nazi propaganda image.

  31. Talon “Talonek” Ek says:

    This video, while pointing out the toxicity of narrative, all conveniently leaves out Fox News bias and narrative. MSNBC and Fox are both sad excuses of journallism that push their own narrative to their audiances.

  32. Akhiloth Cadava says:

    I have never heard so much truth and legitimate concerns being entrenched in so much hysteria and paranoia… But I guess that's Whittle for you.

  33. EJ “SMOKIN'JOE” LaFleur says:
  34. EJ “SMOKIN'JOE” LaFleur says:


  35. EJ “SMOKIN'JOE” LaFleur says: