Rat Trap – Boomtown Rats – End Political Fraud, Corruption And Stop New World Order Policy

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Still holding strong today, and like its counterpart American Idiod speaks out about the entrapment of our modern world.

Though not aimed specifically at Politics the underlying currents cannot be missed. Walk Don’t Walk, Talk Don’t Talk, an early insight of the New World Order perhaps? I think so and more importantly there are more politicians now coining this phrase than then. These politicians are are the nightmare of our future though!


  1. Sliepnir2006 says:

    No, I found the photos they seemed to fit with the wording in the song!

    As for me, I came across lads in the forces who came from some pretty hard backgrounds and they used to say how much this song reflected life as it was for them.

    Now the gap between rich and poor has widened phenomenally and this old song has some poignant words and also some memories too.

    This song speaks volumes and we are now facing a new political climate, which is dangerous, malicious and uncaring.

  2. @Sliepnir2006 Ok..thanks, that answers part of my question. Any particular
    reason those buildings were selected for vid? Do you have personal knowledge of them?

  3. Sliepnir2006 says:

    @51516 Hi, I must point out they are not used to be detrimental, but to demonstrate the failure of modern Government not just here but across the whole of the West.

    They will pay billions into banks while those on a slave (minimum) wage may have dreams, but may have no hope of achieving them.

    The cynical destructive nature and exploitation of politics is forcing people into untenable situations. The reason support of Globalization.

    Effectively all it is is a Rat Trap. We are subjugated.

  4. What do the buildings at 1:31 have to do with the video? They're shown throughout
    and I live just down the the street from them. I stumbled upon this video looking
    for a Suzi Quatro vid. That's just wierd. Right?

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