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At the GOP presidential candidates latest debate at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, a spirited exchange erupted between Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and former Senator Rick Santorum over corruption. (Jan. 7)


  1. Silberdachs says:

    Republicans: beyond hypocrisy, beneath contempt.

  2. @IAMJESUSmovie There is nothing bad about closing a factory, this is a capitalist government. Are they supposed to keep the factory going and lose money? Again this is a competitive economy and capitalist government.

  3. Richard Brown says:

    If Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum owned a factory that was barely breaking even with 1200 employees, which one do you think would close it first?

  4. @marley54fd I agree with everything except the fuck Ron Paul part. I don't see how he's a jesus freak (he doesn't support constitutional amendments for gay marriage or abortion..Everything Ron Paul stands for is about getting government out of people's personal lives for any reason whatsoever. I've never seen Ron Paul invoke religion in his public policy positions….. I do agree with you though, the Republican party has driven me away completely…. Gary Johnson 2012!!!!!

  5. stephaniejane81 says:

    I wish more people would talk about Santorum's record on voting on the side of unions. He recently said he has no problems with private sector unions, yet claims he's for "right to work" legislature…even though he voted against it before. can someone please make this an issue so we can get the truth out there on this? Is he playing politics, or is he just confused?

  6. Nelson Mandela says:

    Rick Santorum is a "frothy" mixture of hate, hypocrisy, corruption, bigotry, stupidity, insanity, fear, paranoia and danger that America doesn't ever need.

  7. Time is Now to Unite. Wake up your elders and the women.

  8. gaminginpublic says:

    People won't vote for Ron Paul because only around 60,000 people vote during each state primary. I guarantee none of them watch the debates. I also guarantee most of them know nothing about politics and the economy.

  9. hjalmar poelzig says:

    @HelloJaime101592 Mormons are committed to sodomy. Mitt Romney is an avowed sodomite. He will give one tenth of his Presidential salary (your tax dollars) to the Mormon cult, then he will convert YOU to Mormonism after you are dead in a special sodomite ceremony. Vot for Newt Gingrich or God will be mad.

  10. What a piece of shit.

  11. garrett lake says:

    @GOPkicksbutt the economy is going down due to corrupt government officials that are nestled in the pockets of the bankers, all except one on that stage RON PAUL! Is the only choice for president so say's we the people.An honest man that HAS been right for 30 years on all issues,the only 1 in washington.

  12. GOPkicksbutt says:

    Thanks to liberal policy the world economy is crashing. We must do two things to stop the meltdown NOW!!! Firstly, we need to raise all payroll taxes 10% for one year. We also need to stop (right now) wasteful handout programs like medicare, social security, unemployment,, etc. and lower the minimum wage to $2/hr so we can compete with China. I will work with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and my other republican colleagues and take immediate action on these proposals. God bless the GOP!

  13. Spacecoastz says:

    Well, 1:48 says it all…when you smile like a total ass as you're being exposed for what you are, then the truth comes out. Santorum = worst possible candidate.

  14. kaimitchell94 says:

    Ron Paul 2012

  15. hjalmar poelzig says:

    If the GOP elite nominate the middle-of-the-road Mormon Mitt romney, pray that Rick Santorum runs as a third party conservative candidate.

  16. cheerchick4051 says:


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