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Harvard Law Professor and longtime political activist Lawrence Lessig wants to win the presidency of the United States to accomplish one critical objective: ending the corrupting influence of money on politics. With that done, he says he’ll step down and let someone else take over the Oval Office. It’s a radical notion, the single-issue presidential candidacy, but as he points out, only a radical solution can wrest back control of our democracy from the monied interests who have steadily come to dominate American political life.

In this exclusive interview, Lessig and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur discuss:

– The Kickstarter campaign that will decide whether Lessig officially runs for president.
– Why, even if one of them were to become president, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have no hope of eliminating money from politics.
– Why the American people would get behind a one-issue candidacy to get money out of politics.
– Why the Democratic party is as guilty as Republicans for the current corrupt system.
– Whether Donald Trump’s candidacy is helpful or harmful to the cause of money in politics.
– The Three Prongs of Political Corruption that a Citizen Equality Act would deal with.
– Whether he would govern as president on other issues while trying to pass the Citizen Equality Act.
– How the fight against money in politics is the Civil Rights issue of our time, and that now is when the American people need to come together in shared sacrifice to take back democracy.

Find out more about Lawrence Lessig here: http://www.lessig.org
Donate to the Lawrence Lessig for President Kickstarter here: https://lessigforpresident.com
Follow him on Twitter: @Lessig

Help Cenk pass an amendment to get money out of politics: www.wolf-pac.com
Follow Cenk on Twitter: @CenkUygur

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  1. SIMKINETICS says:

    Simple answer: Bernie Sanders!

  2. Nathan Nicholas says:

    so watching Lessig on Bill Maher, he recanted the whole referendum candidate plan… is he still the guy you want for the job?

  3. Rick Burton says:


  4. derek weber says:

    bernie sanders 2016

  5. Soluresk Dianar Turissmont (TuryCury) says:

    This guy seems like he'd make a good vice president for bernie

  6. Is DNC, corporate Democrat tool, Debbie Wasserman Schultz going to allow Mr. Lessig into the debates? She's already limiting the number of debates and airing them to low viewership hours which seems awfully helpful to her friend, and fellow corporate Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

  7. Adrian Alvarez says:

    Lessig; work with Bernie don't ruin our chance to take a big step toward the way shit should be, equal.. great minds get paid the most that's no secret and some well deserved.. GOD gave us our talent, thoughts, ambition, and capability.. A job is not a job when its your passion so money shouldn't mean shit..

  8. Hakim Johnson says:

    Lessig/Sanders 2016. Anyone that's read all of Lessigs work knows he is more than capable to be in the whitehouse. Guarantee the media will try to ignore this guy. He simply wants to change the govt back to the ideals of the original Republic of the people. This is Americas last hope on some real shit yo.

  9. Karl Thiecke says:

    I love listening to Lessig, he makes so much sense.

  10. tobeor nottobe says:

    don't you turks have some Christians to murder and rape?

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    please sine petition

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