Once outspoken, comedian Sarah Silverman embraces political correctness

(Language and content warning:)

Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media reports: We lost a soldier this week in the war on political correctness.

Sgt. Sarah Silverman fought many great battles over the years. She refused to apologize after making a Chink joke. In fact, she upped the ante and accused her accusers of going pee pee in her Coke. She was an unstoppable force who was a huge inspiration to everyone who hated censorship.

This week she surrendered to the PC left and said college campuses have a point. Yes, these bastions of censorship with their “free speech zones” and their totally inability to hear an opposing point of view are on the “right side of history” as she put it. We don’t know what kind of despicable torture Sgt. Silverman was subjected to but she cracked and now she’s one of them.

We will always remember the brave wars she fought and will always be proud of the old Sarah. We hope she comes back from the dark side but they rarely do. Once you go black…

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  1. FullThrottleLegal says:

    Strange how the old me (who was young, ironically) would have lamented the use of four-letter words, yet today I'm blown away by the effectiveness of Gavin's eloquent rhetoric.

  2. Zach Carsel says:

    Isn't "lame" offensive to the lame?

  3. Pedro Wiegmann says:

    …..enough said.

  4. crusty old fart says:

    Silverman is a disgusting zionist whore. Foul mouthed no morals, an talent, no looks, no voice. I will never watch one of your videos again. (and by the way, immigrate back where you came from)

  5. Michael Cote says:

    She is a stupid evil CUNT JEW!!!

  6. redwhitentrue says:

    When she refers to the "college age" and "right side of history" she is merely pandering to demographics. She has built her career on pandering to the left and her interview shown here is just an extension of that.

    I love Gavin but he is wrong here… Sarah referring to "chinks" is one thing because the Chinese were not the targeted minority of the liberals. If she was so anti PC, why didn't she construct the joke to use the word "niggers" instead of "chinks"?

    Tell me that?

  7. archetypeparadigms says:

    At 44 years old the clock is ticking fast on her acting career, she's just trying to become as mainstream and bankable as possible so she can cash in her remaining chips, at the expense of everything she once was. Now she's just another insane feminist…. sad

  8. Warrior for Truth says:

    > trusting a jew

    not even once

  9. begood20000 says:

    She's an opportunist with no principals. It suited her to think one way because that furthered her stand up career. Now she's doing movies and being more mainstream so it suits her to be more politically correct.

  10. Duncan Walker says:

    Yay satire

  11. Thor Odinson says:


  12. Jess McCoy says:

    Listen to college aged, they lead the revolution? No. They are stomping their feet and throwing tantrums. Not a revolution when you can bring them to their knees with a micro aggression, Sara. You just sold out, dear.

  13. TheMorbiousStone says:

    Gavin you are so warped sometimes

  14. TheMorbiousStone says:

    Silvermen is a reprobate KIKE Whore she goes into the oven

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