NEWSLINE AT NOON 12:00 President Park holds regulatory reform meeting

NEWSLINE AT NOON 12:00 President Park holds regulatory reform meeting

Coming up today,… President Park Geun-hye urges lawmakers to pass regulatory reform bills. The Cabinet is also holding discussions on deregulating Korea′s bio-health and drone industries.
Korea′s rival political parties are in negotiations to end the deadlock at the National Assembly that was sparked by the government′s controversial plan to re-introduce state-issued history textbooks.
Plus,… the leaders of the United States and Britain say it′s “increasingly likely” the Russian airliner which crashed in Egypt was brought down by a bomb. Stay tuned for these stories and more.

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Title: President Park holds regulatory reform meeting
We start at the nation′s top office… where President Park Geun-hye and her Cabinet are holding a regulatory reform meeting.
President Park and related ministers are expected to review the progress made from their previous meeting and listen to suggestions from all levels of society.
Opening the session, the president urged lawmakers to swiftly pass bills related to regulatory reform.
She said many bills are still being held up in parliament and added that lawmakers must consider the livelihoods of the people.
Some of the key agenda items at today′s meeting include regulations blocking the growth of Korea′s bio-health and drone industries.
Title: Rival parties in talks to break deadlock at National Assembly
Korea′s rival parties are attempting to normalize parliamentary affairs at the National Assembly as the deadlock continues over the government′s plan to bring back state-authored history textbooks to the nation′s secondary schools.
As of yet though,… efforts have proven unsuccessful.
The deputy floor leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party and the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy met this morning,… but no details have been released yet.
The NPAD is boycotting the assembly in protest over the textbook plan.
A special budget committee opened this morning to begin deliberations on the government′s budget for next year.
Lawmakers from the NPAD were not present.
The committee chair said that,… as the legal deadline to approve the budget is early next month,… he had no choice but the open the committee without the main opposition.
Title: Inter-Korean talks yet to be arranged: Unification Ministry
Nearly two weeks have passed since the reunion for war-separated families took place just north of the border… but still no word on when the two Koreas will sit down for talks as previously agreed.
Speaking at a unification preparatory committee meeting on Thursday, President Park Geun-hye once again called on Pyongyang to resume governmental talks… and stressed the need to establish an inter-Korean exchange and cooperation office.
Issues such as the resumption of tours to North Korea′s M
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Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.), a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, told CUTimes the committee’s latest tax reform draft protects the credit union tax exemption. His comments were made on Tuesday at CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington.
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