Live! Trump Bans Muslims, Falwell, Conservative Religion, Political Correctness

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  1. Agnieszka C says:

    Wait, that speaker had a gun on him? Could someone please explain this to an ignorant European.
    I am aware of the open carry practice in the US, but this is a university, shouldn't there be a security check or something?
    Are there no restrictions? Is this not a cause for alarm?

    A for immigration, I think every country should have the right to control and limit immigration as they see fit.
    It is the governments obligation to serve its own citizens first and foremost. Having said that, revoking citizenship by refusing to let people back in the country because of their religious believes sounds like a breach of constitution.

  2. Stephan Rogers says:

    What?!….First, Mr. Trump wants to deport 12 million undocumented immigrants and now he wants to ban all Muslims from entering this country including US citizens who are Muslim. I had said before he is trying to out Gestapo the Gestapo. Now allow me to break it down so everyone can understand… What Trump is proposing is to out Nazi the Nazis. What's next is he going to propose to freeze their assets and sew a crescent moon on every Muslim to ID them? If he wasn't serious I'd be laughing at him. Well go ahead Mr Trump because you are going to make it easier for the Democratics next Nov.

  3. Brian P (Браян П) says:

    Imigration is just not my issue as far as I'm concerned we can shut it all down and focus on our own problems.

  4. Phantoma3 says:

    The music at the end is Behind Closed Doors – Otis McDonald

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