Jackie Chan: America is Most Corrupt In The World

“In a recent Chinese TV interview, well-known martial artist and actor Jackie Chan slammed America as “the most corrupt country in the world.” Although the remarks may come as a surprise to many Americans, The Washington Post notes that Chan is a passionate political activist, “a staunch defender of the Chinese Communist party” and a “harsh critic of anyone he sees as opposing Beijing.”*

Jackie Chan had some harsh criticism of the United States, calling it the most corrupt country in the world. He has also approved of Chinese censorship. Does Jackie Chan have a point, or is he a mouthpiece for the Chinese government. John Iadarola (Host, TYT University) and Hermela Aregawi (Producer, TYT on Current) discuss.

*Anjali Sareen/ Mediaite:

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  1. Kevin Edward O'Nuallain says:

    look at it this way….as humans we all do something in our lives that is corrupt, yes each and every one of us, whether its stealing your neighbors property, lying to get your way, pretending to be religious to gain money, whatever involves dishonesty to help yourself get ahead We can't help ourselves we are simply designed like this I believe, Yes Americas government may be more corrupt than other Governments but somewhere along the line every government in every nation on the planet uses a form of corruption to get the votes, get the laws passed, raise the taxes, etc.. So before anyone slags the States off ( though it is a sitting duck for critics) have a look over your shoulder at your own Government first, dig deep enough and you'll find what ya looking for alright.

  2. Lacy Coleman says:

    the host must not stay in america lol … i wonder what country do they think is the most corrupt????

  3. we(as a nation) have the most wealth in the world and yet our citizens have what? last i checked, a education system that ranks like crap,no free health care, corps. juicing us, industry poisoning our lands, gov. sucks, media is brain washing us, journalism dead, inequality, injustices, wars, wars…come to think of it , when was the last time America was at peace? she has been at war even before she became America…and ever since…stop and take a look at yourself, America. Let''s grow up.

  4. i agree with Jackie Chan and I'm from America. i'm tired of the masses eating up the spoon-fed propaganda that the system spews at us. our government oppresses internationally and locally. its fascist!

  5. kippenkopjes ramos says:

    America is most corrupt in the world, true

  6. Hunta Bane says:

    So glad that girl is not on anymore. Never listened to anybody dumber.

  7. Jackie and many Chinese people know very very well just how corrupt their own government is. It isn't fresh news, since there's even an old historical board game based around bureaucratic corruption in the imperial courts, where the aim is to bribe your way to the top first. Nowadays, you've simply got a chairman and his inner circle instead of an emperor and his inner court, nothing else has changed. The only problem of course, is lese majeste is very much a law still, and even now carries fatal consequences. Jackie, along with all of the other major stars, are under scrutiny and observation at all times by the Chinese surveillance system, with their cells and net traffic, if not their cars and houses, bugged and wiretapped. If he even complains to his own friends about the government a little bit, like a policy here or there, he'll get a mail or even a phone call from some dude he doesn't know letting him know that he should watch what he says lest he gets a date with the "re-educators."

    Now that his son got busted for smoking some weed with his friends (20 years for just doing some grass), he has to be even more careful, as one wrong move against anybody with connections will end with his son mysteriously dying in an accident or a prison fight.

  8. Arthur Ford says:

    he's right. hate, fights, drugs and trump. we are in trouble

  9. jamie foamguitar says:

    Well, if you consider the reasons why the U.S. goes to war under the guise of spreading democracy and fighting terrorism, where most of the world knows otherwise, you can see his point. Don't get me wrong. I love living in the U.S., but, I'm also not completed deluded.

  10. Corruption in America is legalized when they can't cover it up. :l

    Jackie Chan probably would NOT support either side, having known him personally.

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