Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy? // Megan MacKay

Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy? // Megan MacKay

Are we erasing the lols by being nice to everyone? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. Oooh MEGAN, OOOH. this was so good, even if you are a fartsatan

  2. whenever i think of someone using the term political correctness bitterly because they're outdated
    i think of jerry seinfeld

  3. Jens of Sweden says:

    first the cake was a lie and now the pasta is a metaphor… WHAT FOOD CAN I EVEN TRUST ANY MORE!?

  4. PrinceOfPlease says:

    If you choose to define political correctness as choosing words that avoids offending people, then literally everything is politically incorrect.

    I could say your skit on pasta is offensive to Italian people. I have Italian ancestry, and I'm offended by what you said.
    So then, one could avoid any kind of speech on any kind of food that can be considered "ethnic". Bread? Europeans… they're offended. Rice? Asians, they're offended. Got a steak that's a bit too rare, and you called it "bloody?" Well, there are people in Africa who imbibe animal blood, and people in Europe who make pudding out of blood… you offended them both.
    If you end up saying "I don't like (thing)", someone … somewhere… out there in the world… somebody is going to get offended.
    So what are you going to do then? Ignore them, and in doing so, trample on their feelings?

    So no, I disagree with you… political correctness doesn't make comedy or comedians smarter. All it does is pander to some intangible standard that, in the end, is impossible to truly uphold.
    The only thing that should matter is: is it funny? And on that note, you can be "offensive", and still accomplish yourself as a comedian. I'm white, and I heard a white-person joke the other day. Two, actually:

    Q: What do you call a little white boy playing with matches?
    A: A firecracker.

    Q: What is the surest way a white man can satisfy his wife in the bedroom?
    A: Hire a poolboy.

    I wasn't the least bit offended, even though "cracker" is a racial slur against white people. I've grown up, and I think the world needs to as well.

  5. Is political correctness ruining comedy? No
    Comedy has always been the bastion against control-freak fascists and will fight back
    The PC offence addicts stand no chance at all

  6. veganbatman says:

    No wonder you don't like pasta, you're constantly burning it ?

  7. Captain Andy says:

    The way I see it, political correctness can't ruin comedy because comedians still have the right to be as offensive as they want and audiences still have the right to enjoy that kind of humour if they want.
    When these people complain that political correctness is ruining comedy, what they're really complaining about is, as you say, that an increasing number of people aren't finding them funny any more, to which I say tough shit.
    Either adapt your comedy for a more modern audience or take early retirement.
    Trying to force people to find you funny is as absurd as it is futile.

  8. MealisaStudio says:

    mad burns in yellow text my friend. mad burns.


  9. Live Till I Die says:

    So well said.

  10. Jackie Jorgenson says:

    Dusty old crap is the perfect antonym to political correctness!

  11. TalysAlankil says:

    "i'll fight u pasta" I'll join you on your pasta crusade, Megan.

  12. Grace Guthrie says:


  13. electralexa says:

    I'd like to know your take on South Park, specifically the last season if you watch. it's all about political correctness

  14. SubstituteForCharlie says:

    Yes! It's so much about wether you're joking with or at someone. If you make jokes at someone they will be left feeling targeted, upset, angry, sad, hurt, misunderstood but if you joke with someone it's more likely they can understand where you're coming from and are able to laugh at themselves instead.

    I often feel like it's just a bunch of men* not having had to work that hard to score points that are now left feeling annoyed but don't really want to target the actual problem (having to actually work really hard to gain what once required less work) so let's do patriarchy a favour and bash everything PC.

    *just gotta love a feminist

  15. Mabel Danciguer says:

    I read the title and I was like "YUP sign me up!"

  16. Steven Fallon says:

    I find it hilarious that so many liberals who pretty much live by political correctness and are the well-trained Perpetually Offended, always claim to love George Carlin and claim he's such a genius (that one I agree with). How would Carlin describe them? Oh yeah…stupid.

  17. subbed you back, great stuff

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