Irish Government, Corrupt politician’s.avi

Thousands of years packed into 9mins, have a look, especially if your Irish. Video & still images of corrupt bankers & politician’s Celt;s,Viking’s, Normans, war of Independence, civil war, the troubles. Music by Liam Clancy, Seamus Ennis & the Bothy Band. Ireland’s rugby grand slam & more.
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  1. Kevin Keogh says:

    Seamus Ennis on Uilleann Pipes, Liam Clancy singing The Patriot Game and The Bothy Band playing The Green Groves of Erin

  2. Sean McGloin says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Sums up our painful history which looks likely to continue for generations to come compliments of our people. Beautifully pieced together, I hope the culprits running our country into the sewer get a chance to view it.

  3. AnnoyingBeast says:

    next installment, the great revolution of 2011 when we kick out all the bankers and corrupt capitilists…

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