Governmental Forensic Psychiatric Hospital

**We STRONGLY recommend against trying to locate and explore this facility, more so than usual. You can be held and charged with a federal crime if caught doing so. Parts of this campus have been taken back to be used for federal use!!**

The roots of this hospital date all the way back to the 1850’s when Dorthea Dix, a progressive leader in mental health reform, was able to push for having the hospital built. At it’s peak nearly a century later, it was home to over 8,000 patients and 4,000 staff members. As with essentially every other hospital we document, this Government run mental institution was plagued with years of bad practices, including medication shortages and patient neglect.

The facility also served as a teaching hospital, and was a pioneer in transorbital lobotomy. More than 15,000 autopsies were known to have been performed during the life of the hospital, and over 1,000 brains have been preserved, as well as thousands of other tissue samples and cytology slides as shown in the video.

the Governmental Forensic Psychiatric Hospital closed down between 10-15 years ago, with patients being transferred to newer and more up to date facilities. The campus is currently in the process of being turned back over to the Federal Government to be used for national security offices.


Shot with iPhone 5S – Edited in iMovie
Music: Hand Covers Bruise (HD) – From the Soundtrack to “The Social Network” Trent Reznor
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Graffiti, Charter Reform and the Big Picture:  My comments from the City Council Meeting on 8/16/2010 — regarding governmental wasteful spending and the mismanagement which threatens our city workforce.


  1. Why don't they ever clean these places out I wonder? And "autopsy saws"… wow, that's scary. 

  2. zabibullahastaroth says:

    i would never allow this on my fasmily or anyone,,people are sick,,it seems no one is safe

  3. Dan's Adventureland says:

    Interesting place. Was it used for anything else? I didn't know they did autopsies in psychiatric hospitals.

  4. inlovewithkarate22 says:

    Omg, how creepy and the music did not help.

  5. +abandonedNJ Nice job. It's great you were able to get in there and get that footage. I look forward to seeing more videos from you guys. Keep them coming.

  6. Apocyl Doomer says:

    Fallout Shelter, Autopsy Saws, Quiet please, oh me oh my, sounds like a fun place to be… 

  7. Apocyl Doomer says:

    Outstanding work, a cold, dark, creepy joint, most definitely haunted, yet, fascinating. I have a morbid fascination for such places, psycho wards, TB hospitals, etc. I still remember exploring the OLD Byberry State hospital (not the one that as recently demolished) the one on the other side of the Boulevard, during the 80's, now an Industrial Park, have pics to prove! Anyway, yes, could be a site for a horror film, no doubt! Keep em coming! As always, be safe out there, wish I could join ya!! 


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