Government Corruption USA, Stopped By “We The People!”

Informative videos on US government corruption targeted at American citizens under 18:

Uncle Tom Horne’s Cabin (28 min):

Schoolchildren rights (90 sec):

Arizona Victory. First State to Abolish CPS through AZ Op! activism (17 min):

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issues an Executive Order abolishing CPS, Monday, Janurary 13, 2014, indicating that I could go home after 269 days of campaigning, 16 of which were spent incarcerated for the rights of an American CPS victim, age 6:

Paula Flowe speaks-out at Pastor Wiley’s Church, “USA CPS is a criminal ring…”
(advance to 42 min):

Friends Of US Citizens Under 18, please review message entitled,”Is Anyone Willing To Help?” (second msg.) at:

SPECIAL REQUEST To American Citizens:
Please call Arizona Governor Jan Brewer at: 602.542.4331.
Say, “I’m calling on behalf of an Arizonan woman named Sara Johnson.

So-called ‘CPS employees’ have knocked at her door and threatened Sara with taking her newborn son into their custody–it would be her fourth son they will have “legally-kidnapped” if not stopped.

This threat took place AFTER you ‘abolished’ this agency on Mon, Jan 13, 2014. How does Sara stop this now “illegal agency” from terrorizing her with destroying her family further? Please inform: 800.515.9216.” Thank you, Concerned Americans!

World Wide March Against Corrupt Government objectives posted on audio:

Contact us:

Thank you. AZ Op!
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