#GottaVote Bus Tour Rolls Out the Vote for Obama-Biden

Ninety-Four stops. Six states. One message: If you want to keep our country moving forward, you gotta vote!

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All over the country, the President’s supporters are fired and ready to go from Sioux City to Hampton Roads and Green Bay to Little Havana. In Burlington, Iowa people are voting because their children have health care. In Youngstown, Ohio people are voting because instead of letting Detroit go bankrupt, President Obama doubled down on the American worker and helped save an iconic American industry. In Tamarac, Florida people are voting because the guaranteed benefits of Medicare and Social Security are important for a secure retirement and not something middle class families can afford to lose.

Over the past 38 days, the “Gotta Vote” Bus Tour has been mobilizing, energizing and turning out the President’s supporters in key states like Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and Florida. We’ve built the strongest grassroots campaign in American history and, tomorrow — in Des Moines, Toledo, Madison, Richmond, Raleigh, Orlando and cities and towns all across America — millions of Americans will come together to finish what we started four years ago.

New DNC Video: #GottaVote Bus Tour Rolls Out the Vote for Obama-Biden
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