Fox Fraud – (same theme – different facts) – Political commentary/speech via visual media.

Unethical journalism. If you’re a journalist for Fox you have sullied yourself in a quagmire of filthy ethical principals. Shame.

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  1. Propaganda

  2. she's not jewish she's palestinian

  3. hANK UNDERHILL says:

    Sarah can be funny, but she is not the one to be talking politics.

  4. yitzokyerachmiel says:

    she's a turd.

  5. yitzokyerachmiel says:

    nothing about Iran? Iraq? Sudan? Mauritania? C.A.R.? need an ID for driving? get one for voting.

  6. lies

  7. Scott Awaywithit says:

    This particular comment section need to be washed down with bleach…..the narrcisist "called dont engrave me" is embarressing to be anywhere near.

  8. Davis Pittman says:

    Yesss! Preach it Sarah

  9. Heywood Yabloome says:


  10. How fucking retarded, you need a id to buy beer, board an airplane, apply for government welfare programs, so why wouldn't we require it to vote? They say it's to "stop black people and minorities from voting" because for some weird reason it's hard for them to get state issued license? So because I'm Latino, liberals think I'm too stupid to get myself an ID? lol how fucking dumb. For the first time ever I'm actually going to say something liberals and progressives always say: "I'm offended" that Sarah Silverman and liberals think black people, latinos, and all other minorities are too STUPID to get an ID. -__-

  11. Rawr immadinosaur says:

    that red brick annoys me

  12. buddyrod789 says:

    This will always be relevant.

  13. Stephanie Long Gill says:

    As a conservative I find this funny, I dont agree with her sarcasm but I understand it. I chucked

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