BBC Spotlight – Iris Robinson affair and DUP corruption (Documentary)

The Iris Robinson scandal, also known as Irisgate, was a political scandal in Northern Ireland involving Iris Robinson, the wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson, who was a serving MP and MLA for the Democratic Unionist Party, representing Strangford in both assemblies.

In January 2010, a BBC Northern Ireland documentary revealed that Iris Robinson had an affair in 2008 and had procured £50,000 in loans for her lover to finance a start-up restaurant. She had failed to declare her monetary interest in the restaurant, despite serving on the council which gave it permission to open. Before the airing of the documentary, it was also revealed that she had attempted suicide on 1 March 2009.
As a result, Iris Robinson was expelled from the DUP and she resigned her seats in both Westminster and the Northern Ireland Assembly, retiring from politics. Peter Robinson also unexpected lost his own Westminster seat (Belfast East) in the 2010 general election, a result which was attributed in part to the scandal.

BBC Documentary


  1. Hilary Keegan says:

    Pedophile -the hypocrisy!

  2. itzpapalotl13 says:

    This old mama was a gangsta! She should've been a rapper!

  3. Don't think much of Peter Robinson's work, or the party that he belongs to, but I watched that televised interview containing all that  stuff about his wife and her young hump, and I really felt sorry for the poor bastard, I must be getting soft or Peter is a good actor,!

  4. Justin Latendress says:

    okay wait a sec well this is just gross besides the whole cheating thing hes 19 and shes 59 like i said gross i can understand it being a true scandal if he was even at a younger age like 16 but shouldn't have this young man said hey no this isnt right??? oh wait he had a job lined up now

  5. 1313callum says:

    Oul Iris Robinson……. Dirty Oul Bitch! Probably give that wee lad an awful dose of the clap!! You've got a Keeper there Peter alright lol! Lock Keeper that is!

  6. Iris, bitch that she is, has been living off our backs since day one – remember her £300 pen?
    When she gets caught out she runs to London claiming mental illness. She was so ''ill'' she was filmed attending the theatre in London not long afterwards. She was also ''well'' enough to fly over to curtsey for the Queen. 
    Crooked hypocritical bitch, she and Peter Punt are a match made in heaven.

  7. Where is the report?

  8. mrsillywalk says:

    The standards committee have met in secrete (sept 2014) and decided that he did nothing wrong and she may have done something. Why the secrecy? Did Peter have a lover at the same time as his wife who was paid for by tax payers money (a so called researcher) ? Was this situation encouraged and manipulated by MI6 dirty tricks to get the then policing bill passed? Was there a threat that Peter would be exposed and replaced as was his wife if he did not play ball.Was there a BBC story ready to be aired that was suppressed? Then there was the £74000 bill the taxpayer picked up to feed the pair for two years, when they were eating at the House of Commons subsidised restaurant. You would need a vomitorium to swallow all of that.

  9. Bobby Hut says:

    D  I  R  T  Y     R  O  T  T  E  N     &     C  O  R  R  U  P  T  
        T  O    T  H  E     I  N  N  E  R       C  O  R  E

  10. Kenneth Preston says:

    This is the same Iris that was on TV and radio preaching morals and quoting the bible to the gay community about their sinning ways. Meanwhile this oul doll in her 60's is running about fucking a teenager behind her husbands back and organising illegal deals for wee toyboy. When the kid gets his business started and isn't calling around to fuck her as much she realises that he wasn't with her for her looks or personality and tries to take the money back off him for herself. With nothing happening in the bedroom with Kirk and realising she has to make do with Peter again she gets a bit depressed. When she realises that this is going to be publicly exposed she gets anxious (as anyone would be who is about to be made the laughing stock). It occurs to her that it must have been pesky old Satan forcing her to do it the whole time. She gives her doctor a ring because she's a bit depressed and anxious and he suddenly diagnoses her with a mental illness (rather than a touch of depression) and it couldn't have worked out better. Nobody can question her about her sinning or illegal actions in public office because she's got a badge of mental illness and got away with it all nice and quietly.

    She was quick to be publicly vocal about others behaviour. She made it sound like she was on her knees praying for the sins of the gay people when she was more likely on her knees giving blow jobs to a teenager. She's not far off a paedophile.

  11. Wild and Free says:

    Eh Great Christians. They had the the nerve to talk about Gay Marriage yet their own marriage wasn't going anywhere. As one of the 10 commandments say Peter: Thou shalt not covet. hehehe 

  12. Great documentary,  thanks for posting.
    Everyone has made mistakes but then again everyone is not a councilor or wife of the FM.

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