A Proud, Patriotic, Sharia Practicing American by Sh. Yasir Qadhi

Islamic Sharia: A Divine Legal Framework for a Prosperous Society
A Proud, Patriotic, Sharia Practicing American by Sh. Yasir Qadhi
Qur’an: Guidance towards a Just Balanced Way
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  1. Very oxymoronic! You cannot be patriotic if you practice Sharia. Sharia is antithetical to our constitution. Thumbs down!!!!!

  2. Barry Guyer says:

    are you serious?

  3. Proud of the USA who is killing and torturing muslims.  3ajib what Yassir is saying A3udubiLLAH

  4. MashAllah may Allah bless you my bro

  5. Jabir Hassan says:

    I can prove to anyone that god exist. if you want to know please inbox me!

  6. sharia is the quran and the sunnah in which all muslims are required to follow how can a muslim reject this

  7. Krisunlimited says:

    why dont u sharia fuckers go to sharia practicing countries and fix the shit load of problems there first? what bothers u if someone is not following ur stupid cult? what makes u judge others! Fools are Fanatics are always sure about themselves, wise men have doubts!! Misfits!

  8. Dude, you are seriously one of the most lifeless people on youtube, and there are sooo many lifeless people. but you're just on another level, going on over 70 "Islam-related" youtube videos and spreading hate. no one cares what you think, muslims, christians, jews, hindu, atheist, let everyone just do their own thing, what makes you thin you're above anyone or have the right to judge anyone, only shows how disgusting your soul is.

  9. Islamic fascists know the quoran is a load of tripe! Islam can't work in a free and democratic society! Democracy is the end of islamic tyranny.

  10. Don't worry you are involved in it without knowing that. I don't blame you for that, I am sure you heare it about it only through media.

  11. zinana sunnatcheva says:

    Once again what a great inspiration he is . Mashallahh !!!

  12. UnitedUmmah InshAllah says:

    Plz brothers & sisters DONT LISTEN to this 'Sheikh' in regards to Political Islam, If you have other Islamic sources, DONT LISTEN TO HIM AT ALL!
    1) He propagates 'nationalism' in disguise to cover the Muslims in the West under the darkness of kufr/fitna
    2) He opposes muslim freedom fighters who're aiming to re-establish the Khalifate and lighten the land of ALLAH with the nur of Islam to repress kufr/fitna!
    There's a CLEAR contradiction between his views and the Quran/Sunnah!

  13. Onepretentiousdude says:

    First you say you can prove God's existence with books, but then say you can't find god in a book. Contradiction much? And sorry, but Fireman and soldiers have no expertise on the origin of the universe. Physicists do, and most of them are atheist. Sorry, but you need evidence and not just vague statements like the one you gave me.

  14. You can prove God's existance with books and knowledge alone. You have to live the life of a poor man a rich man and everything in between. You find God in life not in a book. Ask soldier if they believe in God ask fireman ask those who have been in a tough non materalistic stuggle. Ones who had to live on the street ones who have seen what shouldnt be seen. They can tell you God exists because they have enough evidence but for you its your turn. And after that youll find God then Islam.

  15. Mohamed Chaleh says:


  16. nice speech, I am not muslim. This speech was clearly directed to a muslim audience.

  17. Onepretentiousdude says:

    Look what happened yesterday.

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