The American Voter Revolution would like to form an relationship with every church in the United States. We would like a few energetic members in every church congregation to form and grow an Advocacy Group to participate in the AVR voter coalition. We would like every church advocacy group in each congressional district in each state to become a part of an enormous national voter coalition of independent common sense middle-class American voters.  We need the Christian community to get involved with the AVR voter coalition and help us eliminate the career politicians by voting for the challenger in every representative, senatorial and presidential race in every election cycle.  Congress will NEVER vote term limits on themselves and therefore, we believe the only solution is to impose “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS” on our elected office holders.  By eliminating the career politicians, we will substantially reduce the influence of the two major political parties, special interest, multi-national corporations, lobbyists, PACs and wealthy individual donors that actually control our government and are responsible for most of the corruption. It will also allow an opportunity for more citizens to have a chance to be elected to office and participate in our governmental process.  The Founding Fathers never intended for politicians to make a career of their elected office and become wealthy by lying, cheating and stealing from the American taxpayers!

As you know, what we have now are selfish self-centered politicians that are primarily concerned with increasing their personal wealth, political power and pandering to the special interests, large corporations, lobbyists and wealthy individual donors who finance their re-election campaigns.  Our current system is fraught with conflicts of interests, crony capitalism and corruption!  It is time for the American people to demand real reforms in our government before America falls like the Roman Empire. We need to return a vast amount of governance back to the individual states and greatly reduce the size and influence of the Federal Government.  America should be governed according to the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights just as our Founding Fathers intended it to be!  The Christian community can play a vital roll in building the voter coalition by uniting their congregation members to support the AVR.  This may be the best and last chance to make sure that our Judeo-Christian ethics and traditional family values remain as the fabric of our American heritage!

The American Voter Revolution will start with the Mega Churches through out all 50 states to establish Advocacy Groups because it is the fastest way to reach the largest number of people. However, we invite any church group that has an interest in the AVR to please feel free to contact us and join the AVR voter coalition.   Click here to find your state and see if you are a member of any of the churches listed in your state.  If you have a relationship with any of the listed churches, love grassroots politics and have a burning desire to reform our corrupt political system, contact us now, we need your help!

There are plenty of opportunities and avenues available for you to participate in the American Voter Revolution voter coalition. We need people to get involved by forming and growing Advocacy Groups in every state as well as recruiting individual members and supporters!  So get on board, join the Revolution and help us build the AVR voter coalition.