One of the greatest and most sacred privileges each of us as American citizens have is our God given freedoms and our Constitutionally protected right to vote. Our right to vote gives us the ability to change the course of our cites, our counties, our states and even our nation. There has never been a more critical time for all of us to get out and vote than the 2016 presidential election.  We must unite in the AVR’s voter coalition and stand up for our Judeo-Christian ethics so that the elite ruling class and our government realizes that we are not going to allow them to take God out of our American heritage!  We must fight for our freedom of speech, religion and to bear arms! These are precious liberties that many American patriots have fought and given their live to protect. It doesn’t matter how hard the liberal progressives try to take them away from us, WE MUST NOT LET THEM!

Not only is it important to vote, it’s critically important to put our partisan politics behind us.  We must vote for America and what is best for the people, not for a political party.  Our main purpose should be the future of our nation, our children, grandchildren and future generations.  The time has come for the average American voters, including Democrats and Republicans, to realize their obligation and loyalty is to America and not to themselves and their political party.  The career politicians, two major parties, lobbyists, special interest groups and large corporations are ruining our nation because of their lust for money, power and control.

It is high time that we forget about election night maps being red or blue.  Let us remember that we are Americans first, red, white and blue!  We must join together as one nation under God and show that we are indeed a Christian nation.  We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that grants certain freedoms and liberties to every individual and we must forever hold to these values which our Founding Fathers intended for every American citizen to enjoy!

We need leaders who will stay true to those values, however, we must remember that it is not our place nor the government’s right to legislate morality.  It is perfectly fine for us to have our personal beliefs and ideas, but it is critically important for us to recognize that all men and women, gay or straight and regardless of nationality have equal rights to their personal beliefs and decisions in their personal lives.

We should expect, yes even demand, high morals from our elected officials. Your vote in the next and future elections can help ensure the future you want for your children and grandchildren.  The best way to address the majority of our government’s problems is to completely eliminate career politicians by simply voting to replace the incumbent in every election cycle.  It is the only chance we, average American citizens, have to disrupt the current political system.  The “VOTER SANCTIONED ONE TERM LIMITS” will effectively put an end to corrupt career politicians and greatly limit the power and influence of the major political parties, special interest groups, lobbyists, large corporations, PACs and wealthy individuals!

We must have change, but we need the right kind of change!  If we unite in a voter coalition, we can make the needed changes!

If you need to register to vote:  Click here for the U.S. Map and click on your state.  On the line above the State Seal, you will find a Register To Vote link.  That will take you to your State’s page  where you will see the instructions for registering to vote.